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While i appreciate that i can reach people from australia to spain anytime i want from the palm of my hand, i don’t love having my phone in my hand or in my face all day.
i don’t love the addiction to checking instagram or fb messenger to see if i got a reply from someone first thing in the morning. :: and i don’t love taking naps in the middle of the day with my phone buzzing by my head every time a text comes through.
did you know the average american spends 4 hours a day on phone screen time? that’s an incredible amount of time taking us out of the present moment and into an overstimulated, contracted, dis-connected-from-reality world that’s keeping us separate from the people we love...in real life.
not to mention it affects our sleep and dream quality.
it’s not that phones are all bad. they do have their perks. but maybe we just need a little less phone. and a little more life.
i’m doing a 7 day experiment with @katenorthrup this week where we’re consciously putting boundaries around our screen time and noticing (and stopping) the urges to grab our phones when things get uncomfortable or “boring”. :: personally, i’m taking more yoga nidra naps, spending more time (and free attention) with my daughter and friends, and loving on my pets without having to take a photo of everything...or check email.
oh and i’m reading more books.
so many good things!

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Einstein supposedly said “if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ⁣

don’t be too fooled, my desk isn’t usually this clean 😂. i seem to go back & forth between clean & messy. is anyone else like that? ⁣

i’m never simply one or the other. ⁣

i guess it’s a good representation of my business too haha, sometimes i’m totally on top of things & organized & in other areas it’s a total chaotic mess! ⁣

thankfully i’ve learned to live by “progress over perfection” & i’ve stopped worrying about needing to have everything perfect before executing something.⁣

sure my legal stuff may not be all sorted yet, my website is still a blog & no where near optimized for what i do, i’m still sorting out filing my business properly lol. ⁣

but hey, i’m making money. i’m serving people. i’m actually changing lives!! fuck, that counts for something, & to me means even more than all those other details.⁣

i used to think it was necessary to have everything planned out, perfect before i could “officially” launch. ⁣

but all that did was keep me stuck in a cycle of procrastination & perfectionism - aka hiding in fear. ⁣

don’t let all that c**p worry you. seriously, go out there & figure out how to provide value in exchange for 💰 & make money first before you even start to worry about having the details organized. ⁣

shit, you don’t even have a business to figure out the legal & business entity & biz plan for yet if you’re not making any 💰. it’s just a dream, a hobby.⁣

so why are you being held back by all those details? because you’re procrastinating which is just a form of fear. you’re scared to just put yourself out there for real. ⁣

none of this once in a while posting about starting a new business s**t & hoping someone will contact you. but shouting from the rooftops, telling all your friends, blasting it on social, asking for referrals from everyone that you’re starting a biz, who wants my help sort of thing.⁣

so let’s do the dang thing already! no more getting bogged down by details. go help people, make money, turn your idea into a real biz then sort that s**t out. ⁣

comment yas if you’re with me!👇🏻

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Living in love is the secret to everything and an abundance ✨ of money and love live at the same frequency when we release all the blocks, stories and the web of fear that surrounds us around money.

that’s exactly what prepared to receive is here to do.

in my new 5-day live intensive that kicks off this week on december 13th, you’ll:

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🔥 a private fb community for momentum, accountability and additional support that will continue to stay open for at least a week after the live portion of the course wraps to really lock in these big shifts!

i was originally going to sell this course for $197, but i wanted to make sure it gets into the hands of as many people as possible because i know this work will change your life and can 💁‍♀️change the world, so…

then i decided to drop the fast action sign up to just $97, but... then something beautiful happened and so, for a very limited time you can get access for only $33 so there’s nothing to stop you from completely transforming your life now.

sign up at the special fast action rate. link in bio 👉@jessicacaverlindholm

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In 9th grade my parents sent me to a military school in melbourne, fl. i would get weekend passes like once a month back home to davie. usually i would get a quarter of c*****e and bring it back up with me to sell back at school. on one of my trips back home i met a kid named ryan who told me about a c***k house. i was intrigued. he told me i could go there and sell everyone coke and they would trade me coke for oxycontin. my life changed for ever. i found myself obsessed with this house. in school when kids would be talking about their weekends of bowling, going to the movies, parties...all i could think about was getting back to the house and how much action i was missing. there was a guy there who would turn guns into full autos, smoking crack, with gun parts all over the floor, at the tender age of 14 i had no idea what a big crime this was. the pool was green. there was no furniture. every day there’d be someone new who just got out of jail or prison. there was talks about murders, talks about bank robberies, credit card scams, check fraud.. i minded my business, not sure what was true and what was just stories. people walking around with candles because there was no electricity. then one day there was a new lock on the door and i never heard from those people again. in the middle of 10th grade, i kept using. found new drug addict friends but i always wondered what happened to those people....a year later i got clean. i went to a meeting and i met this woman. her name was eve. she talked about god and prayer. i remember thinking i had nothing in common with her, i remember thinking “there’s no way this lady ever did drugs”....then it hit me, she one of us ! we were in that house together. we are both still clean. she has 12 years clean now and she’s still talking about god.

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I’m looking to help 2 people who would like to possibly make $500-$1,300 in the next 14 days. the clock is ticking.
if you would like to have a debt free christmas or need extra cash... this is for new people. this is no joke. i personally hit the company’s vip bonuses when i started. we have helped others do the same. there is no guarantee but it is very possible if you are willing to put in the effort and are coachable.
i am soooo excited about helping 2 people have the best christmas ever!
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Sometimes you just have to remind
yourself how strong you really are.
physically. mentally. spiritually 🙏🏼
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Most people get lost between thinking about doing something and actually doing it. is this you? maybe you don’t know how. maybe you are scared. maybe you are wondering what everyone else will think. maybe the logistics are holding you up. maybe time is a factor. maybe you’re just a master procrastinator. 🤷🏻‍♀️i know that you are full of intention and purpose. i know you have a million great ideas just waiting to see the light of day. i know you are ready to make change, live better, and see your dreams to fruition. the second you decide you want to do something, you need to put one foot in front of the other and begin to move. it is in that intention and movement that the growth will happen. it is in the doing that the vibration rises and calls more productivity and ideas to you. do not get caught in analysis paralysis. just do the d**n thing. 💥figure out the “how” after. is there something you’ve been wanting to just do, already? what is it? share here and i’ll hold you accountable 😉. make 2019 your year of doing, instead of just thinking about it. ⭐️

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Join millionaire money mindset coach, sarah elizabeth shapiro and crowned for success executive vice president, jihan shogen (me!) tonight at 7:30 pm est as we kick off our 12 days to manifesting miracles training! training is live and only in our exclusive facebook group! click the link in my bio for more information and to join us!

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Je n’ai jamais été la fille qui voulait aller hiker la montagne. je suis plus celle qui prend un verre de vino seule sur le bout du quai pendant que le tout le monde va hiker. call me oustdiser if you want 😆. même petite c’était comme ça, j’étais toujours la dernière l**n là bas qui pédale fort sur son petit vélo à 4 roues pour rejoindre les autres. je croyais que dehors, ce n’était pas pour moi. je croyais que je ne pouvais pas aimer la nature parce que je n’étais pas sportive. pendant des années, j’ai envié les autres. je voulais donc être celle qui fait tous les sports plein-air, celle qui n’était pas moi. un jour j’ai réalisé que j’avais vraiment tort. j’ai toujours été en amour raide avec la nature, mais je ne me permettait pas de le voir juste parce que je suis plus l’artiste que la sportive. on s’étiquette et se fait croire des affaires !❌quand j’ai eu ma première vraie caméra, quand j’ai commencé à voyager, j’ai compris qu’on a pas besoin de hiker pour se donner le droit d’aimer les montagnes, on n’a pas besoin d’être un grand nageur pour aimer la mer, on n’a pas besoin d’aimer courir pour être dans les sentiers. cette nature, elle est égale à tout le monde. moi je la respire. je la regarde, je l’écoute, je la contemple, j’essaie de la comprendre. des fois je veux que ca dure longtemps, alors je la prends en photo. 🔁😆
fac c’est ça, la fille qui flotte dans un beigne sur le lac pendant que tout le monde joue au volley 👩🏻‍🎨, anyone ??? 😂
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