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Some beautiful elmwood pieces in the shop! ✨ link in bio

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Overcast and c****y and rain in the forecast for later today here on staten island today but i got up got dressed and got it done! week 6 day 2 in the books looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!!

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You are more than you think you are. ⠀
you always will be ❤️❤️

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Morning vibes ✨ #crystalscoffeemagic

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Do you take 5 min each day to just feel your body breathe? be grateful for this day, be grateful for your breath, be grateful you have another day. 💙 gratitude 💙unlocks the fullness of life. when this begins to slip out of sight come back to your breath? what’s one thing you are grateful for right now in this moment? •

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Animal, earthling or angel? “regardless of your history of abuses or kindness, opportunity, or challenge, it is within you to direct your mind. you can be a saint, you can be a human, or you can be a demon. you can act as an animal at the altitude of impulse and ground; as an earthling human at the altitude of feelings and horizon; or as an angel at the altitude of essence, infinity, and the cosmos. it is your choice.
each of you has all three gunas or qualities in you: an animal, a normal human which i call earthling, and an angel—the sensitive, awakened human. all three are there. when you act as an animal, you ignore your sensitivity. as an animal you act by impulse and necessity. an animal acts in a very focused way. if hungry, he has to eat. if horny, he has to mate. if threatened, he has to run or kill. the impulse is so strong it acts as a unifying force for the psyche of the animal. as a human, when you act as an animal, you are direct, focused, and robotic—ruled by habit and impulse.
when you act as a normal earthling human you depend upon emotion. all you have is feelings, thoughts, and emotions. you can have so many you do not know whether you should act or not, what you feel or not, or even who you are. the more you depend on that flood of feelings as if that is you, the more mentally corrupt you become. you lose innocence and the clarity of you as you.
when you act as an angel, you are kind, compassionate, helpful, and true to your word. you are peaceful in action and peaceful at rest. you are innocent and direct. you can listen and act in the reality of your soul.
in this way the rule of life is very simple: each day increase the angel in you and decrease the animal in you. that is all that is required. most people act like an animal or an earthling.” - yogi bhajan
would love to hear where you feel you are with your altitude! 👇🏼this lifestyle and aligning with our connection to the cosmos and mother earth makes us feel more angelic everyday.
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“the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” eleanore roosevelt. do you know what you want? do you have expectations? do you have vision? what is it?! what are they? have you ever voiced them? if you answered “i don’t know” or “maybe” or “no”, why?! when i really dug and asked myself why didn’t express the expectations/goals/dreams for myself it was seriously because i was afraid of what people would think!!!!! when i think of that now, i can’t believe it! wanna hear mine? my real-life actual dream is to one day be able to own a beach house. yep. there. i said it. people can legitimately laugh or think that may never get there, and maybe i won’t. who knows?! but if i never even let that dream be even a dream, then i’ve already let proverbial nay-sayers win!! they may not even exist! gah! so gals, call out your goals, and acknowledge what you truly want. i dare you.

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What’s the worst that could happen?

we hear this all the time as we attempt to evaluate every possible scenario under the sun that could go wrong - we’ll lose the job, be embarrassed, get the dreaded diagnosis, not have enough money, not be good enough, and so on.

but what if we turned that frown upside down, swirled it around, and threw the biggest cherry the world has ever seen right on top and started asking …

what is the best that could happen?

you get the job. you win the deal. this is the best tuesday of the year. your confidence shines. you transform your commute into a seated dance party. the results from the doctor are way better than you thought. that meeting ends up being interesting. you meet a new friend. your internet connection is lightning fast all day long. having that conversation you've been putting off actually brings you closer together.

when you approach the day with positivity as your default mode, you tend to find just that - positivity. the opposite is true as well. if negativity is your default mode, you will find negativity surrounding you and we are going to have to slap a "negative nancy" name tag on you.

so before you let the worst case scenario set up camp in your mind, invite the best case scenario to take the lead. i guarantee it will impact your day, and it just may impact your destiny too.

if you loved this, sign up for the weekly positive disruption email series. ☀️ link in bio @heysoul__

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Working through hella limiting beliefs this week.

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Love my family!
these photos make my ❤️ sing.
thank you #ashleymcgrathphotography

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#stress is toxic to both the body and the soul.
it can affect the energy of everything you do and sit like a filmy layer of gunk over everything you put out.
taking the time to find ways to relieve that stress is actually more important to you frequency - then getting your to-do list complete.
so tap-in before you tap-out.
take the time to “de-stress” before your body shuts you down and you run out of gas right at the finish line.
align on!
elizabeth •

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Want to #levelup and bring some amazing energy to your life? i found this challenge in my #52listsforhappiness book! i’m doing it today- who is with me?!

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🔮 daily tarot 🔮 today we are blessed with the #nineofcups ✨ this is known as the “wish” card of the tarot, because it shows supreme emotional satisfaction. a man sits with his nine golden cups behind him, and i can’t help but feel he looks a bit smug about this. this card is always an omen of good tides coming, of personal and perhaps private emotional satisfaction (he is a solitary figure after all) and having learnt a lot of hard-earned lessons along the way. i do feel like there is a guarded element here, almost a bit protective (i’m noticing the wide stance and very wide elbows). are you being protective of your heart or emotions in some way, potentially afraid of having them all taken away? don’t be, instead enjoy the bounty you have and don’t be afraid to share that with others. you’re also so close to finding that last cup to add, and enjoying your happy ever after. be proud of how far you’ve come, you’ve earned it. good times are coming! 💕 #tarot #tarotcommunity #tarotgram #meditation #tarotreaderofinstagram #tarotreading #dailytarot #daily #taroteverydamnday #spiritual #spiritjunkie #lightworker #occult #witchesofinstagram #divination #alicesprings #intuition

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Anything is possible..... believe in yourself, enjoy the process #believeinyourself #trustyourintuition #seeknewthings #change #moveforward #spiritjunkie #grow #evolve #liveityourway💯

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When i was desperately trying find my bliss again, to feel happy and accomplished, i kept telling myself to just be happy, just be grateful for what you have and just get it together then everything will be fine. but there is more to it than just wishing and hoping your life will magically change✨one simple thing i want to share with you today is that finding your bliss takes more than telling yourself to be or feel a certain way. it takes action and control of your life. the beautiful things is that we are all so capable of doing it if we just push all the bs, the fear and little voices that tell us we can’t to the side. so, just a little reminder from me, if you want to accomplish your big-hearted goals and live your dream life, put in the work and watch it unfold around you!✨ #blisswithkris #createyourreality #doingthings

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Yesterday we decided to checkout some parks, campgrounds and blm land we may be able to live at soon, once we "go tiny" 🚙 and i gotta say...
as terrified as i am about this whole thing, i'm also unbelievably ready for this too 😍
i can't wait to have our living situation match our lifestyle and begin truly living life by our design.
it shouldn't be much longer now 🙃
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Keep going...🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ ... it is all happening for you!!! ⛈️🌞🌈 #imasoultraveler #soultravelers #createthelifeyouwant #journeywithin

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Keep pushing until you can't no more...

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sit, close your eyes, and breathe.
can we make that a thing? 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️✨

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