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Can you see in the photo that the flamingo is curious? haha it is not too sure about the food in my hand- and deep down inside i am freaking out 😂 .
did you know i have a whole blog post on flamingo island in aruba? if you are heading there this year, it is a must read! link is in my bio! .
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Spain is definitely my favorite country in europe where i will gladly return. it is a place where you can admire only such wonderful views all the time. could be better?🌈🌈🌈
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The warmer weather has me feeling 😁🤸🤣😄💃
has your mood improved with the warmer weather ?

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Almost 3 years together with my fav girl 💕 can’t wait for new planned adventures this summer! where are you planning to go this summer? excited?

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Hey everyone, i've just finished my analysis exercice and now i do not prefere anything else than showing you some pictures. i'll try to change the colors a bit now from blue to something more spring like😄 this is a picture from last autumn as i was in austria and germany for taking pictures. hope you like it!😊

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If you jump, i jump!
life is unexpected and time is life changing in so many ways. time decides so many things in our lives ⏰. things that you didn’t knew was going to happen, actually happened and suddenly your life is taking a totally new direction. being in the right place at the right time might become your destiny 💛.
i was determined to be a flight attendant in dubai before i met johan. if we haven’t met i would probably be there right now and if we haven’t meet johan would probably not have his company back home in sweden since he’s not from my hometown where we met and used to live. and here we are now, traveling australia together. if i passed all the flight attendant tests, time wouldn’t have let us cross paths and we wouldn’t be here right now.

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When your ig handle also serves as an appropriate caption ✔️
( that may have been why i bought this bikini from @solidandstriped 🤫) .
where did your ig handle/name come from? tell me your story below!

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Throwback to this amazing but a bit scary day in gili nanggu! 🏝🐠
let me explain... (grab some popcorn or a cup of tea, it’s a long story 😂) .

we were in lombok after our trip to bali and our hotel offered several activities such as snorkeling so we decided to go for it. two hours of driving and a few minutes of sailing later, we arrived with our guide on this really cute little island: gili nanggu. white sandy beach, clear water, great weather... everything was perfect! .

we started by exploring the beautiful coral and fish with our snorkel mask and flippers then stopped to have lunch back on the beautiful beach.
i was a bit tired and my back started to hurt (i’ve suffered from back pain eversince i was a kid, lucky me!).
i told my boyfriend i didn’t want to go back in the water so i could rest a bit but our guide insisted we hadn’t seen the best part yet. at that moment though, something didn’t feel right, but i decided to go back in the water with them anyway. i should have trusted my gut, thinking back... 😏

everything was going well, it was amazing and so beautiful, until we made our way back to the beach. i was a few meters behind my boyfriend and guide and as i was swimming underwater, i heard faint shouting and screaming voices. as i raised my head above the water to see what was going on, i suddenly saw the back of a boat engine coming right towards me. the man on the boat was reversing to leave the beach but clearly had not seen me swimming. the big wooden float on the side of the boat touched me but i managed to protect my head with my hands and push myself underwater to then swim away as fast as i could and back to safety. my boyfriend and our guide were really panicking because they thought the engine was going to hit me! thanks to my lucky stars, i didn’t get hurt! 🙏
our guide scolded the man in the boat afterwards, like there was no tomorrow... 🙊😂

sadly, gilli nanggu is an island were there is no designated area for boats or swimmers, which can be reeeaaaally dangerous! so guys, always be super careful whenever you go diving or snorkeling! accidents happen fast! .

how about you, have you ever had any bad travel experiences? 😅

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