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Georgina and cristiano❤️

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Indoor phantom vision pro react. in the latest #gameover colourway. who’s a fan?
available at @sptfootball ✔️

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😱😪 @cristiano

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Buffon’s best saves 😍🙏
most legend ever? 🤔❓
(@90minfootball )

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@nbfootball's latest furon colorway is a sparkle! @sadiomaneofficiel is rocking these boots! what is your opinion on these?

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Two players that should not have been added into the game at these clubs. they have been in packs since yesterday and i do not expect them to be in packs for longer than another day. i recommend picking up a few of a few of each and holding them for 2+ weeks. this is not a short term investment don’t buy a bunch and then sell in a couple days if so i will be buying them from you when you flood the market(the longer you hold the rarer and more expensive they will get). i expect them to at least double from what their price is at right now. they are both great for sbcs 👇comment👇 which you think has the most sbc demand.

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Throwback to one of the coolest celebrations seen at the world cup 😎🇩🇰
🎂 happy birthday brian laudrup!

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