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Want to set your heart on fire 🔥? add this to your next session! 😳⁣

every minute on the minute: ⁣
➡️ 6 x ybell burpee with push up ⁣
➡️ 5 x ybell jump squat⁣

repeat for 7 rounds. ⁣

technique is everything so slow down if your losing form. ⁣

have fun!! ⁣

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👊🏻 cardio+ class 👊🏻⁣

these classes incorporate cardio and strength training all in one to get your heart racing and muscles burning 🔥. ⁣

you guys rocked this 🙌🏻👏🏻!! ⁣

cardio + classes are on wed 6am and sat 9am. more classes to come if you want them😉. ⁣

hiit classes tues and thurs 6pm and remember all hiit classes (not cardio+) are $10 in february! if you haven’t been yet you can try for free with a 7 day pass 😁.⁣

#burncalories and #getfit @yrbodfitness

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Trx tuesday with @annieananiashvili getting in a group trx session. who’s attending a trx class today? #made2move

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Here is the third exercise for ybell friday 😁. see previous post 😉

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what does your warm up routine look like?⁣
here’s mine 😉⁣

👉🏻 arm circles - this mobility move is not to be underestimated. when doing this one, focus on moving the whole scapular (shoulder blade) not just the glenohumeral joint (ball & socket joint at the top of the arm). this one should be slow and purposeful. ⁣

👉🏻 thoracic mobility - keeping the hips facing forward, turn the upper body to the left and then to the right trying to twist a little bit future each time. ⁣

👉🏻 thoracic mobility with hip opener - same as above but relax the hips and allow the feet to move. ⁣

👉🏻 hip circles - our hips move forwards, backwards and side to side so instead of doing 4 exercises we do circles! focus on your range of movement so you get a great stretch at the back of the legs, each side and those hip flexors! ⁣

👉🏻 hip hinge - an extra focus on the hinge to increase range of movement through the hamstrings. ⁣

👉🏻 squat - warming up those thighs and glutes. ⁣

👉🏻 ankle circles - if you’re going to be jumping around, add these!⁣

👉🏻 walkout push up - an excellent full body warm up exercise. walk out to a high plank (don’t let the b**t sink) and walk back. you can either keep your legs straight or bent depending on your flexibility. ⁣

👉🏻 band lateral, forward and backward walk - this one will activate those glutes!!⁣

👉🏻 high knees and b**t kicks - more dynamic to get the heart rate up⁣

your warm up should reflect the session you are about to do but it should always start with a mobility warm up to get those joints and muscles ready for action👍. ⁣



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نام حرکت: جلوبازو تک دست ( trx biceps curl single arm)
عضلات اصلی درگیر: دوسربازویی
مزایای انجام این حرکت: افزایش قدرت در جلوبازوها، ساعدها و قسمت هایی از میان تنه که در مقابل حرکت یا چرخش استقامت مکند.
این حرکت برای شاگردان پیشرفته توصیه میشود که به جای کتل بل از دمبل نیز میتوان استفاده کرد یا فقط جلوبازو با بند برید و دست دیگر را آزاد بدون وزنه و حرکت نگه دارید.
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the glutes are one of my favourite muscles to train. why? because the 3 gluteal muscles are responsible for the extension, abduction, external rotation and internal rotation of the hip. such important muscles!! ⁣⁣⁣
👉🏻 most people have weak glutes due to lifestyle (sitting kills these muscles! ok well deactivated them😉) enabling pesky injuries due to compensatory behaviour of the hamstrings. ⁣⁣⁣
there are so many exercises to strengthen these muscles and anyone who trains with me knows i need variety! ⁣⁣⁣
here is a combination you can try at home.... you just need a wall😀.⁣⁣⁣
▶️ one tip: squeeze those b**t cheeks together before lifting 😆. ⁣⁣⁣
have fun! ⁣⁣⁣

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انتهای حرکت: دستها را به صورت صاف و موازی با یکدیگر بالا بیارید طوری که با کل بدن هم راستا شود.
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