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Meditation tetris 👾 i couldn't stop embroidering this one, it took many hours and i could continue forever 🙃 now on etsy. one of a kind, organic cotton🌈

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I was thinking yesterday how funny it is that passions sometimes sort of creep up on you and take you over completely. i learned to sew when i was young, but as kids often do, moved on from sewing to other hobbies. my grandma told me once that after i had gotten over sewing, i asked to sell my machine so that i could buy a camera and get into photography. it was sad to hear this story when she told me, but i’m glad that i’ve come back around to sewing and that it’s something we get to do together again. these days, i would say that sewing is one of my passions, and i feel blessed that it’s more than just a hobby for me. it’s also my occupation. i have my little etsy shop where i get to sell simple things i design and make, i take requests for minor alterations from the community where i live, i sew patches for the students at my karate studio, and i get to blog about sewing, which, funny enough, uses two of my other passions, one of which is photography. sewists and creatives are some of the best, most kind, generous, and loving people i meet. i’m so thankful that i caught the sewing bug, and that’s it’s something special i get to share with my grandma, who i’m pretty sure is my soulmate. i believe in non-romantic soulmates, but that’s a topic for another time 😊

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Here are some of the knits i’ve been wearing for many years. these are not necessarily from ethical or sustainable brands, but they’re high quality pieces that have lasted through multiple winters. i’m excited to find new ways to style these sweaters this upcoming winter! i am also looking to add a few more pieces to my #wintercapsule, then i’ll share it with you all! what are some items you’re adding to your capsule this season? care to share your #sweaterstack? .
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Keeping it simple today with almost all old pieces. this top is a wardrobe hero - easy, boxy knit. sometimes how much i love and wear certain old fast fashion pieces makes me realize that i would be willing to invest in a responsibly made one (if and when it ever wears out and i'm in the financial place to do so). i think that's a secret power of loving and wearing what you purchased before: the ability to really know your closet heroes before diving in deep to invest.

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Help! i still haven't finished the sleeves of my #alyeskasweater! should i just get it them done already or should i do a little rib finishing and call it a day? i love the heck out of it. 🤔😵 #knittingconundrums edited: i'm adding some layered knit looks to my stories, made possible by short sleeves.

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I’m channeling all the comfy office vibes today! i love chucking on an oversized cardigan to add a layer of warmth and coziness in the office. for today’s #createtorenew outfit, i’m mixing two old garments with a newer ethical, sustainable piece from @kotn. i’ve seriously been living in this turtleneck lately if you can’t tell...😂 .
also realized i’m repping all #canadian sustainable brands today 🇨🇦

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When i had my car accident over 17 years ago, my front teeth were knocked out. i grew up without being able to bite into simple things like apples. i lost confidence in my smile; i became afraid of laughing because it would mean exposure to my flaws. over the years, i coped with retainers that gave the illusion of teeth. but i was not ok.

when i finally got implants, it created a new feeling; it was the realization that i had missed out on close to 2 decades of happiness because of my learned bad habits. even after growing ok with myself, i still had a habit of covering my mouth. there's something weird about the concept of regaining something you never had. i now feel more aware of the negative emotions associated with growing up with flaws you feel you have no power over. to smile is a treasure. to be thankful for smiling; well, that's something incredible. 🌱

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We are dedicated to changing the way people shop! we know you, our customers, are seeking an alternative to factory-made designs and care about the humans behind their purchases. and most importantly, you want to have a positive impact on the world!

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