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Some of you might already know, many of you ask; no, djafar can't stay alone at home very good. a few times a week he has to, but i don't like it really much because i have no clue what he's doing or if he has hurt himself in some way 🙈. so i try to take him everywhere i can, something he's really good at. yesterday i did go to a birthday party and took him with me, like i usually do, and he was so friendly to everyone even though he's usually not that fond of other people. later that evening he had a place under the table where i put his blanket and he slept until i decided to go home. i mean - he's really tired today because it was still super exciting for him, but he did so great ❤

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Check him out! 😍 no longer a streetdog ❤️ #winstonthesaluki #alwaysrescue

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Canine perfection! athleticism,drive, nose,grit, intelligence. these two should make some outstanding puppies!

bred "kita" to @backcountry_bandit 's "fin". if successful, puppies in late june.

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Rainy and cold again 💧🤨💧

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