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Only a short edit but i thought it was a bit funny also two raws sorry the showjumping ones a little blurry but sammy jumping 1.15m and the third video is from consciously you sammy did the steps perfectly. •

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Video of milton eating a strawberry 🍓💙 (he nickers when i say his name at shows because treats) i’ve had such a fantastic time at @cascadehorseshows this summer! milton and i had two amazing shows and i learned so much each time we went in the ring. i can’t thank the crawford’s @nancycrawf enough for letting me lease this little gem of a horse, and @avabythebay for being an incredible trainer and coach (and for doing the pro/beer class on milton 😂). everyone at @hangtimetrainingllc is always so positive and supportive, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without the group! also want to thank my parents for their never ending support, even when they are 3k miles away! @gra.marie @canalettocat @eq.julia @_onestrideatatime_ @gabriela.nicole_ #hangtimehuntersandjumpers .
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Well i may have been poured on twice today but i’m so happy for the rain, these gorgeous views and the best ride of the day on my dondarrion! #nofilterneeded #dreamfarm #happy #bestrideoftheday #lovemyhorse #eventing #showjumping

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Thrush in horses is a degenerative infection of the central and collateral grooves of the frog. in classic cases it results from the softening and damage to these soft tissue structures of the horse’s foot through standing on wet, dirty bedding. bacteria attack the softened tissues of the frog, causing it to rot away. the most obvious sign of thrush is a foul smelling, black discharge from the frog, which itself may have softer spots and appear irregular in shape. horse often appears completely unperturbed by thrush, with no apparent discomfort or lameness evident. if the infection is severe it can under run the sole and spread to deeper structures, such as the digital cushion, hoof wall and heel bulb. then there may be some pain around the frog and bulbs of the heel and degree of unsoundness. blood may also become apparent when cleaning the hoof with a pick. -
stabling for prolonged periods on soiled, sodden bedding; turnout on constantly wet or marshy pasture. the damp conditions of a dirty stall provide the perfect environment for the bacteria, (those needing a low-oxygen environment) which cause thrush to flourish. poor foot conformation, incorrect foot trimming/shoeing, and all around poor hoof care all aid in the development of thrush
treatment may need to be carried out by a vet or farrier and can be very time consuming. all dead and/or damaged tissue needs to be pared away on at least one occasion until healthy tissue is reached. an antibiotic solution or spray should be applied and if the trimming has been extensive, bandaging may be necessary. the hoof and its environment should be kept as dry and clean as possible. keep stables clean with plenty of dry bedding. antibiotics may be needed if the infection has spread. as the bacteria are killed by oxygen, regular use of the hoof pick will allow air to the foot and reduce the ability of the bacteria to take hold.
thrush buster, sugar/betadine paste, grooms hand thrush solution, tomorrow, banixx, thrush relief, and kopertox are a few example of treatments that have been successful in treating an infected hoof.
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Sophie is jammin to these tunes 🎶 🎧 💃 🐴

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This is what happens when you really show emotions, you get amazing judges like this,(the best judge to have for a first show tbh) “oh, elizabeth!(my trainer/best friend)thank you so much for reaching out. i cannot tell you how much that means to hear!!! lauren’s story is the reason why i do this - if i can make an impact or help one rider, i’ve done my job - that’s what it’s all about! helpful feedback and positive experiences are how we learn and that certainly applies to showing horses as much as it does to life. if it weren’t for great judges and mentors when i was young, i wouldn’t be the horseman i am today.
i’m so happy that she had that great first experience and i hope that i’ve helped boost her confidence for the next outing.
as for me, sharing in that moment and feeling the emotion was something really special - that will go down as a highlight in my judging career. thank you for including me in your journey and reminding me that horses give us wings!
i look forward to seeing you all at future shows and i’d love to hear how they’re progressing in training together. also if i can be of help to lauren in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out.
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Pony kids watching the older girls interview. taking notes for their turn in the limelight one year 😎 #columbia2018 #horsesforlife #horsesofonstagram #ponyclub #thedellfarm #showjumping

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“speedy gonzalez” aka ace and i doing a 2’3”-3’ course 💗🐴

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Mr. dakota😘
lesson on dakota today! he was very fresh😂 ( if the audio sounds weird it’s bc it was to short so i tried to overlap it and make it longer )

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She looks so cute in this😍 it’s probably the only jumping photo i’ll get of her not pinning her ears 🙄 she was a little goofy tonight, but hasn’t been rode in a few days, yet again , so it’s understandable. the weather just needs to be cool again, so i can get this energy out of her 😒

qotd: does your horse require constant work? or are they fine being rode once a week or less?
aotd: fly can barely go two days without being rode, she needs constant work to keep her happy at least. physically she can go a few days without riding, but not mentally

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Some days i still can’t believe this perfect creature is mine ❤️
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