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Welcome to week 3️⃣ of #feelgoodmobility challenge with myself and @tonedbyclaudia 💥 this week the theme is the spine, an amazing complex structure that not only regulates movement, but also houses the central nervous system. it is the main highway of our body. however most of us don’t think of our spine until it starts hurting. our spine deserves more attention before it gets to this point- a flexible spine is inextricably linked to our overall health. in addition it promotes symmetry and balance, which reduces overall muscular tension through compensation. this posts adds the elements of hip and shoulder mobility which is all interconnected with a healthy mobile spine. *
every monday myself and @tonedbyclaudia will be posting a mobility exercise for you to try, modify, or post any of your out mobility exercises to share with us and the community. be sure to tag and follow us, and the sponsors @yogaprowheel and @shapemakerbands and use the hashtag #feelgoodmobility to stand a chance to receive a generous gift from one of our sponsors. 💥👌

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Shoulders 💪🏼 this can be done anywhere!
don’t forget to double tap to ensure you’ll continue to see my posts then save for later! if you don’t have bands like this, it all can be done with dumbbells or cables! 5 sets x 10 reps each! complete as a circuit for a killer burn!
▪️upright rows (i usually always do these really light with mind to muscle connection! make sure you’re using your shoulders to pull up!)
▪️single arm shoulder press
▪️front raises
▪️rear felt flies
not even going to lie, the gym has been the last place i want to be so i’m challenging myself to change up my workouts a little! keeping it exciting!
- resistance bands are from @cristinacapron & i highly recommend!
- @hydrojug @lastsetco @1upnutrition “kinsey”
- @tula “kcampfit”
- @casetify bands @casetify “15kinsey”
- links for @onyxandrosecbd @megafitmeals @lululemon in bio!
- bra is @buffbunny_collection & leggings are @lululemon ! - all decor is in my ltk account or youtube video!
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Glad lördag på er!
min helg startades med ett axel/triceps/magpass 🥰 och eftersom att jag jobbade hela förra helgen så blir det mest att chilla denna helg! 😝
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Shoulder day 🤙 tried a bit of a different style workout today after getting some ideas from one of the other trainers at the gym (thanks for sharing your knowledge @ntense_fitness614 ) and i loved it! i tend to stick to the same style of training generally but never hurts to try something new every now and then. feeling strong and like my goal of pressing 45s might not be too far 😃 swipe for videos and save this to destroy your delts 🔥

1-4: repeat all movements back to back with no rest then rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat 5-6 times 💪
• lateral raise x12
• front raise x12
• bent over fly x12
• band pull apart x12 [these could definitely be a bit slower but i didn’t watch the full thing until i got home so couldn’t refilm]
5. seated barbell overhead press 4x12-15
superset face pull 4x15

for the seated barbell press the focus is to work on exploding out of the bottom after coming to a complete stop to ensure no momentum. i am using reasonably light weight to get used to this as the goal is be able to do a reasonably high number of reps that gets very close to failure, especially after already being pretty fatigued. being stronger out of the bottom of the pressing movement will help make you stronger in the movement overall and eventually you’ll be able to press more weight (the goal). definitely something to think about if you’re also someone who struggles with different pressing variations! otherwise happy thursday everyone! finally done with my exams for the week 👏 so i will be drinking a glass of wine with the rest of my homework tonight 🙃 hope you have a fab rest of the day!

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Happy 🐪 day! this isn’t a lower body workout. but it’s a pretty solid shoulder workout to take to the gym with you! ————————————————————————
▪️behind the head barbell press .
▪️lateral raises .
▪️db upright rows .
▪️arnold press .
▪️front raises .
▪️single arm db press .
▪️i also did the rear delt fly machine .
**finished this workout with a 1.5 mile run. i did 4 sets of 10-12 on everything! have an amazing day you guys. go get sweaty! ❤️

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Rotator cuff strengthening
i personally believe the rotator cuff is a commonly neglected muscle group. people don’t do isolated rotator cuff exercises enough and from a prehab standpoint, can really help with keeping the shoulder strong and reducing shoulder injuries. i think overhead athletes in particular should regularly be incorporating rotator cuff exercises.
there are many ways to hit the external rotators but i’m a fan of using the side lying rotation. i believe it’s one of the best ways to isolate the external rotators. this exercise can be modified in many ways beyond just simply using a dumbbell. here are three variations, all are challenging in their own way. all videos are sped up.
1️⃣ side lying external rotation ball toss - this is more dynamic as he has to catch and slow down the ball. i typically do this for time and i added some manual resistance at the end.
2️⃣ side lying external rotation - the commonly used version but i like adding manual resistance for an additional challenge. i will also have them hold at the top to focus on end range strengthening.
3️⃣ side lying external rotation with band - the band is another variation of an added challenge as he has to fight against the weight and band, both conventionally and eccentrically.
🙌🏼tag someone who could use these exercises!
👍 like and save if you found it helpful!
🤷🏼‍♂️ post questions or comments below!👇

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🏋️‍♀️ just like the shape of your eyebrows, the shape of your shoulders can drastically change your appearance. 😉 tap the link on my profile page to watch the full video. 👆🏻
a droopy set of shoulders tend to make the person look sluggish and lack in confidence. 😞 with strong and sculpted shoulders, we stand a little taller, we carry ourselves with more confidence and this can also boost our self-esteem. plus, you will also look good in any clothes you wear. 😏
these are 5 really effective shoulder isolation exercises that will give you a more rounded and lifted pair of shoulders. .
1) dumbbell shoulder press
2) side lateral raise
3) upright row to front raise
4) face pull
5) bent over reverse fly
save this to your workout list! tag a friend & share this on! 🙌
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🙌inviting you to join in with week 2️⃣ of the #feelgoodmobility challenge with myself and @tonedbyclaudia 🤸‍♂️ this week the theme is all about the hip mobility and disassociating of the movement of femur in the hip capsule from a stable lumbo-pelvic complex. this is functionally attainable by using the breath to engage the deep stabilizers. ta stays engaged maintaining stability of the torso as a whole. the @ab_eze prop is just an amazing useful prop for so many varied functional exercises, allowing feedback to the neuromuscular system to gage and support controlled form. in the exercise shown the #ab_eze provides for generous joint articulation in both hips yet with ease of end range of motion allowing the joint to open and release ☝️—————————————————— every monday we will post a mobility exercise for you to try, repost, modify or even post any mobility exercise of your choice under the hashtag #feelgoodmobility and tagging claudia @tonedbyclaudia and myself to see.
please follow both of us make this possible.
this is not a contest and is open to everyone to inspire us and our followers to #movewell. we have some wonderful giveaways at the end of the month so be sure to follow @yogaprowheel and @shapemakerbands to stand a chance of of being a lucky recipient of these gifts 👌😁 *
beautiful @soulmatters_sa yoga mat ♥️

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