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“be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” #whpplayful #shineonyoucrayumbrella

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Proud to be out and about with a new partner this spring: @visiblemobile ❤️ keeping me connected wherever i go ❄️☺️ #brandpartner #shineonyoucrayumbrella

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I can’t wait to spend some sweet summer nights right near this colorful bridge in milwaukee! 🎶💃🏼☀️ it will look a lot different in the summer - this is a beloved festival’s parking lot! #shotoniphone while connected with @visiblemobile network. ❤️ proud #brandpartner ❤️

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The one where the seagulls flew over and big brother ran away 🏃💨

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•bridge 14•
seems an appropriate place to finish #myweekoffaceless, he even put teddy down to hold the umbrella for me ☺️#shineonyoucrayumbrella .
sarah @sparkin76 is hosting #myweekofgreen next week, check out @its_my_week for details! 😘

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{playdates with joel} i'd like to imagine that if i ever have the chance to meet up with my wonderful friend joel, it'll look something like this... ☺️. this photo is a part of @thecreativitycollective. once a month we all edit the same photo in our unique way with hopes of inspiring creativity and community. this month’s original photo was provided by @joelrobison. you can view this month's original photo and all of our edits at #thecreativitycollective_june2017 .
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Rainbow umbrella giveaway -- in the most amazing way!
a woman was so touched by everyone's kind words yesterday that she reached out to me and offered to anonymously donate to keep the "say something nice" days going.
so today, i am giving out a free, brand new rainbow umbrella to one person in the u.s! just say something nice to someone in the comments below to be eligible to win.
it is a random drawing - you don't have to say anything clever - just nice! pick someone new today if you already commented yesterday.

and if you want to feel good about people - read all of the comments from yesterday! this is a wonderful community!! such supportive friends! let's keep it going! ❤️☂🌈🌈☂☂🌈☂🌈🌈❤️❤️🌈🌈☂ #shineonyoucrayumbrella.
congrats to @danialfonzo_ the winner of this rainbow umbrella!

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