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Proud to be out and about with a new partner this spring: @visiblemobile ❤️ keeping me connected wherever i go ❄️☺️ #brandpartner #shineonyoucrayumbrella

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This nyc train station, the occulus, was designed by one of my favorites: santiago calatrava.

i have loved him since i studied in sevilla, spain and regularly ogled his alamillo bridge built for the world's fair. later i lived in milwaukee, wi and celebrated when they built his beautifully designed milwaukee art museum wing! oh how i would love to follow his designs around the world like a little architecture groupie. 😆💁🏼❤️✌🏼#shineonyoucrayumbrella .
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Springtime in #boston

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Ahhhh! back in minnesota! spring has sprung and @artofedina has installed the "umbrella that traveled the world" show @galleriaedina! launch party is tomorrow! 💃🏼 #shineonyoucrayumbrella

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I hope everyone has a magical sunday 😄

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Hello! i have been working hard to get ready - the #shineonyoucrayumbrella is going to have its own show! #theumbrellathattraveledtheworldexhibit at @galleriaedina! you can see @artofedina for details! i've tagged a few of the artists who will be in the show!

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