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Still one of my favorite videos me and 🗣my n***a nasty nique @missnique_ shout out the shooter @photomaticsmith lol we gotta run another back

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Spent some time with myself with the goal to strive to be the best version. best son, uncle, friend, and colleague. setting myself up to be the best partner, lover, husband and father if it’s meant for me. 2018 has been dope. 28 has been the transition. a lot of lessons. even more blessings. 2019, 29... bring dat a*s here. @monroe.media #growthmindset #selfawareness #love #personalresponsibility #emotionalintelligence #sexybrothasofig

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Wanted to tell you, "accept yourself", you don't have to prove s**t to no one except yourself

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