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We live in a society that normalizes s****l aggressions. instead of supporting victims, they are often shamed. #whyididntreport #yonodenucioporque

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We live in a society where grown men can come forward 30 years later about being abused by a priest as a boy & everyone loses their s**t with anger but women can come forward with similar experiences but she's a villain.
as a woman who has her own experiences & own stories about living in a male catered society, i'm nauseous just thinking that regardless of everything, kavanaugh will still be sworn in as a supreme court justice & dr. ford's life has never & will never be the same. .
i'm not sorry that i will always believe the victim before i believe the accused. for too many years, women have been nothing more than a trophy for men's hunt & k**l games. our bodies have never been ours, sexually or medically. we're vilified when we've had enough & we're angry. we're called con artists, liars, whores, & gold diggers, even when we have nothing to gain & everything to lose. we don't "win" -not in sports, not in business, not in pay wages, not in court, not in college, not in business, & not in the household. we're always lesser, even when we carry the weight of the world on our backs. all we want is what belongs to us, our bodies, our right to say no, our right to be angry, & our right to be believed. if you don't believe that we deserve it, you are part of the problem & one day, we'll come for you too. #kavanaugh #brettkavanaugh #drford #christineblaseyford #sexualabuse #sexualassault #sexualmisconduct #r**e #men #women #menvswomen #judiciarycommittee #supremecourtnominee #supremecourt #r****t #sexualpredator #saynotokavanaugh #sayno

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This is not a problem for the powerful star families. hence they seemingly have no incentive to speak up. but one thing they forget is how their silence looks to the rest of us. self serving , cowardly. this might affect their over all image which is one of the foundations for their ivory towers. hope they realize that soon.
cannot push this issue back into the darkness. we are going to keep pushing it into the light.
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“denial is a save now, pay later scheme.” ⠀
- gavin de becker

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Under modi's rule, a spate of #sexualharassment & #sexualmisconduct cases have come to light, most notably in #jnu where the #bjp friendly administration has come to the accused's #defence⠀
#indiannationalcongress ' #studentsrightsact gives you the #right to a #safe & #harassmentfree #academic environment.

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