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What on earth is a client avatar? *as you mumble to yourself* well, let me explain... a client avatar is your dream client. the one that makes you excited to get to "work"! the one that reminds you of why you started your business in the first place!
right now you may have revolved your brand about all the things you love - essentially creating your entire brand identity on the things that make you happy!

and while that sounds all fine and dandy - you may actually be surprised about the disconnect that will serve to your ultimate business goals.
before we begin our branding process we always define our ideal client. who they are, what do they believe in, who are their idols, where do they shop, what music do they listen to, what books do they read?
it is the foundation of which we create your brand identity.

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anne-edma louis • @audaxlawyers
lawyer and entrepreneur anne-edma louis founded audāx avocats, a montreal-based innovating law firm helping entrepreneurs launch and run their business successfully. reach out to audax avocats for anything related to business law, tax law, contract law, intellectual property + it law and litigation. she also has an online boutique where you can shop a wide variety of contracts. saying “let me call my lawyer real quick” has never felt so good.

• instagram.com/audaxlawyers
• instagram.com/ae_louis

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Very aware lately of what really recharges me. perhaps surprisingly, it’s not always easy to choose rejuvenating actions.
for example, it feels much easier to get lost in instagram after the kids go to bed than to draw a warm bath, light candles, and actually face my thoughts and emotions at the end of the day.
it has become ever more important to me to have boundaries around my devices and anything that distracts me from my own truth.

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Every. time. we walked into the hotel. i've been talking to our other jewelscent ambassadors tonight about how much we enjoyed this holiday inn and how great they were to work with. also how hard it was to deal with a 3 year old acting up when the staff is so friendly and would greet her by name. smh. 😂 but seriously, great hotel for family events! i look forward to future conferences there!

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Had the opportunity to teach @mixededu what it takes to be self employed. rob brown (the owner) wanted to make sure his students got more than just a barber/cosmology education. “if i am just teaching them hair then i’m doing them a disservice”. we love being able to help our community! #community #cosmotologyschool #selfemployed #seminar #teachers #homebuying

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Breaking up with busy! @yvonne_tally @laughingglass @urbanremedy @hpdpr

hivery circle with yvonne tally - august 14 - join us for an evening of powerful thinking - learn how to create meaningful daily balance with an emphasis on prioritizing gratitude + happiness. we're thrilled to welcome @yvonne_tally to the @thehivery stage to discuss her book, breaking up with busy – real life solutions for overscheduled women. sign up now! http://bit.ly/2kxazlo #womendoingcoolstuff #thehivery #breakingupwithbusy #thehivery #womedoingcoolstuff #womenscoworking #coworking #coworkingspace #freelance #freelancer #selfemployed #entrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #womenwhowork

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So nice to run 🏃🏻 in the forest 🌳!! a nice break from my usual urban 🏙running while camping with my wonderful family. we are lucky living in canada to never truly be that far from nature.
day by day small goals lead to amazing results.
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Provisional tax is just around the corner, are you ready for it or would you like us to help you pay it off cheaply & easily via tax pooling? let's talk 😀

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I had to do a quick round trip to atlanta today, so it gave me time to catch up on a few of my favorite podcasts since i was traveling alone. during these occasional travel days, i like to listen to @garyvee speak #truth.⠀
i listened to a few episodes today and here are my takeaways: 1) people are roi positive 2)legacy matters 3) play the long game(you have more time than you think) 4) swear words are sentence enhancers because i listened to a keynote where the hosts asked gary not to curse and although the information was valuable, i missed the enhancement that his swearing tends to bring.

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Where you’ll find me bathing with crystals and listening to the brand new episode of @doravandekamp’s #biohackyourbeauty podcast featuring @ericbrief + me talking about @crystalcriminals , crystal healing, beauty hacks (jade rolling much?), intentional living and relationships (we met on @jswipe ). give it a listen and let me know what you think. eric and i are getting ready to release a crystals irl online course on using crystals to manifest the life you want (business and personal!) - dm and your email if you’ve been curious to learn more about the fascinating and powerful world of crystals. we will be offering a special pre-release price to those on our email list so get on it! you can also do it via the link on @crystalcriminals bio ✌🏼✨ #dametraveler #mexicoretreat

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E v e n t s ➖ do you have a business idea but you’re not sure what to do next to build that dream business? if you’re in brisbane, you’re in luck! the clever jaharn giles of @yourcreativestart will be holding a 2-hour workshop tomorrow all about setting up and maintaining your creative business.

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🔥mind your own “business”🔥
“the rich focus on their asset columns. everyone else focuses on their income statements.” -robert kiyosaki 🔥where is your focus?🔥 •income statement = employee mindset 🧠 •assets = wealthy mindset 💡
-you should focus on cash producing assets. assets that provide a monthly cashflow. 💵 🔥how???🔥 -by “minding your own business”. starting a new business is a great way to build an asset that will pay you for life. 💰🤑
-your business model can be very simple it does not always need to be complex. (you don’t need to start the next apple or google😉)
-you do need to start thinking like a serial entrepreneur, like the “rich”.
fact: if you look at the average raise an employee gets it is at only 3% annually which is just enough to keep up with inflation. 😯
so what business are you in?
-are you in the business of working for someone else to make them rich and make their dreams come true?🤷‍♂️
-are you in the business of working for yourself and making your dreams come true? 🏋️‍♀️🔥 stop focusing on building another man’s asset and build your own!👌 🔥asset examples🔥
•businesses that do not require my presence. (i own them, but they are run or managed by other people. if i have to work there it is not my business. it becomes my job.)
•income-generating real estate
•notes (ious)
•royalties from intellectual property such as music, scripts, and patents
•anything else that has value, produces income or appreciates, and has a ready market 💵💵
your life is your business. start treating it like that. what you do every single day is your business. your personal brand. how you interact with others. how you treat yourself and what habits you have. what legacy you are working towards. 🏋️‍♀️
what asset are you currently working to build? mine is my online business! let me know👇👇😜

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A sincere apology or an acknowledgement of a complaint will show customers that your company is committed to addressing issues and providing quality aftercare.
need some more business mindset & motivation? follow @freesocialmedia
need more help with your biz...tap my contact link and let's get started!

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Something to think about. #success #future #faith .
courtesy of @bookofprosperity

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