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Saturday morning chill before work.. with @danny_fairbrother and ozzy furball 😍 #familylife #busylife #selfemployed #personaltrainer #furbaby #stepson

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Thank you so much for inviting me to your bat mitzvah natalie. i had a blast😁🤪.
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🇩🇪👇🏻 plus ultra is the motto of the spanish coat of arms.
from time immemorial, the pillars of hercules were seen as the limit of the habitable world, this was a non plus ultra (here it did not go any further). in the 16th century, when the spanish kings began to build their empire of american possessions, they successfully violated the "no more" warning and modified the saying in plus ultra (german: "beyond"). , "always on"). they put the pillars of heracles with a banner and the plus ultra in the coat of arms of spain, where they still serve as a kind of shield holder.🇩🇪 plus ultra ist die devise des spanischen wappens.
von alters her galten die säulen des herakles als grenze der bewohnbaren welt, dies war ein non plus ultra (hier ging es nicht mehr weiter). als die spanischen könige im laufe des 16. jahrhunderts begannen, ihr weltreich mit den besitzungen in amerika aufzubauen, verstießen sie ihrer ansicht nach erfolgreich gegen die mahnung des „nicht mehr weiter“ und modifizierten den spruch in plus ultra (deutsch: „darüber hinaus“, „immer weiter“). sie setzten die säulen des herakles mit einem spruchband und dem plus ultra in das wappen spaniens, wo sie bis heute als eine art schildhalter dienen.❤️💡⚜️mein lebensmotto👈🏻hast du auch ein lebensmotto❓do you have a live slogan ❓#lifemotto

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Another sunny day whats the bet i can get the paddling pool out and finally get to paint our shed and garden furniture without evie trying to take over!? 🙏🏻 anyone else have a string willed determined child who rules your life....?🙈

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{for sale}
well the time has come to say goodbye to what essentially was my 4th baby. i have made a very hard decision which has not come lightly and has taken me 12 months of back and forth but the lemon tree is officially on the market. blood sweat, tears and a huge dream i turned into a reality is what www.thelemontreekids.com.au is all about. the last 4 years has been an amazing ride but my babies come first and i have another business journey i wish to pursue. so if you know anyone or you yourself would love to be self employed, with awesome business connections in a fully set up established business please reach out. info@thelemontreekids.com.au.
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#success is a #journey into the #unknown 💦🌈💦🌈💦🌈💦🌈💦 i can help...🌎🌎🌎

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New ventilation upgrade thanks to a new good homie, thank you 🙏

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Take a leap of faith. @scottlewisjr

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Enough said!🔥

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Dizzy wright ✌🏼

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Favourite proofreading pen. i like something fine-tipped and in a colour that stands out from the text.
also, it’s saturday and i’ve just worked nine hours in a row #braindead.
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Slowcoaches x sheffield 🔥🔥

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Been working on a lookbook and my new website... it’s finally falling in place! #withalittlehelpfrommycat

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