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“...what you perceive to be true, might just speak of your doubts in times of insecurity.”
if it was never intended to be easy? why, bother going after concerns or seeking for the wrong intentions, in the things that feel right and make
you feel good. 🦋@onethought
#trustyourintuition .
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Select a career for the right reasons not because of outside influences. don’t go to law school because your parents are lawyers. don’t be an instagram influencers just because your friends are doing it. do what you want to do because only then will you have respect for yourself and others will gain respect for you. your best interests are theirs as well even if it doesn’t appear that way right now ❤️

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More often than not we find ourselves chasing people who have in some form or another “rejected” us.

we become obsessed with seeking their approval and winning their love.

have you ever stopped to wonder why?

the truth is, we are trying to prove ourselves as worthy, valuable and loveable.

we believe that if we can get this one special person to choose us that we will be safe, whole and complete once again.

because underneath that anxiety and determination to get that person to love you, to choose you, to want you - is a fear that you’re broken.

a fear that you’re really too much, or not enough.

maybe you’re not good looking enough, or maybe you’re too intense.

maybe you’re not playful enough, or you’re too silly.

whatever the story is, some part of you believes that you just don’t make the cut.

and that belief causes you to spiral out chasing after a person who isn’t in alignment.

a person who, for their own reasons, is pulling away.

we can never fully know what is going on in another person’s reality, or why they might choose to leave a relationship.

sometimes, they are triggered and you’re mirroring an aspect of themselves they just aren’t ready to look at.

or perhaps, there’s something inexplicable calling them in another direction.

whatever it is, seeking out and leaning into a person who is pulling away, is self harm.

you’re saying to yourself: i’m going to go after someone who isn’t able to love me the way i deserve to be loved.

and that right there reveals your lack of self worth.

no self confident, powerful person would ever go after someone who is turning away from them.

because when you know you’re awesome, when you know you’re worthy, you know it’s a waste of your time to spend energy on those who aren’t a match.

choose people that choose you, stop wasting you’re time on those that don’t.

because when you let go of those that aren’t in alignment you create space for those that are.

let yourself be loved by choosing yourself first.

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Unpopular opinion: “fat” is not bad. please read for some major truth bombs…
the other day i posted my fav quote where @cherylstrayed liberally used the word ‘fat.’ i noticed that this f word makes some people uncomfortable…maybe you hate this word because you’ve used it for so long against yourself… or maybe it triggers you because it’s one of your biggest fears.
it’s okay, babe. i only know this because i’ve been there too… in fact, most of my life was spent resisting “fat” and “feeling fat.” 😔
this is called internalized fatphobia: the fear and/or hatred of f*t bodies or anything that remotely suggests that f*t is not bad.
it’s what society has engrained in us to sell us $60 billion worth of diet products so it’s not your fault if you’re scared of the f word nor does it make you a bad person.
but we must realize that:
✨ a bigger body does not mean one is unhealthy, lazy or doesn’t take care of themselves. i take care of myself more now than i did when i was 50lbs less. not all #selfcare is physical!!!
✨ we can’t determine someone’s health based on their size (how many thin people do you know that smoke, do drugs, drink and/or eat trash 24/7 but no one bats an eye?)
✨ regardless, someone else’s health is none of our business. no one has the right to judge, treat or diagnose others (especially using false claims on strangers!)
i barely scraped the surface on this sensitive, deep and dense topic but i hope this clears things up about the f word and why it’s so important to be conscientious of the language we’re using to describe ourselves and others.♥️
👉 have you ever used the f word as an insult towards yourself? i talk about how to stop doing this in my ig story and i’d love to hear your thoughts…🙏
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I’ve been having a really difficult time recently. i don’t want to get too much into depth because there are some things i just don’t feel like sharing with the internet. .
i’ve felt stuck for awhile, like i’m not making progress but i’m also not backtracking. i haven’t been doing much to get out of my comfort zone and while i really want to, my anxiety is overwhelming at the moment. .
i know this isn’t going to last forever, and i also know that in order for this to not last forever i have to work on myself. start with smaller challenges and then work up to bigger things. i’m hopeful. . .
on a side note, this was the first warm sunny day in a long time and i loved it. flowers everywhere! my favorite weather.
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