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Enkesha’s trunk may always bear scars from the snare that nearly severed it, but this girl is nearly all healed — and she’s also getting bolder by the day, as jotto learned the hard way! jotto is very sweet and would never bully the younger elephants, like enkesha, because he knows that they’re just babies. she recently decided to take advantage of that kindness, and lurked around jotto as he laboriously dug up a root. the moment he claimed his tasty prize, she made to s****h it away, which jotto graciously allowed. enkesha was very pleased to have her stolen snack — and she’s lucky that she chose such a magnanimous target! • to learn more about enkesha’s story, visit: www.thedswt.org/enkesha • • • photo © david sheldrick wildlife trust #dswt #enkesha #enkeshadswt #elephants #whyilovekenya #kenya #nairobi #dswtnursery #africa #magicalkenya #savetheelephants #nairobinationalpark #saynotopoaching #racingextinction #jointheherd #dswtat40 #worthmorealive #ivorybelongstoelephants

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A hold is not a ban. trump is just a part of a systematic problem. we are all responsible for saving this planet. stay alert and focused. no elephant life is worth the ivory or the trophy on your walls. #banallelephanttrophies #bekindtoelephants #savetheelephants

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#flashbackfriday 🐶"hey pumps what cha thinking about?" 🎃"how we can help the elephants. i don't understand why people are so mean to them." 🐘❤️ i will never understand why anyone would want to bring harm to these gentle giants. sign any petition you can to help stop this insanity. #savetheelephants #bekindtoelephants

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I made the mistake of riding elephants in bangkok the first time i visited thailand. while i knew that this popular tourist activity was considered culturally acceptable in so many south east asian countries, i didn’t realize how unethical and damaging it is. the appeal and excitement of spending time with these exotic creatures was enticing—i had never ridden an elephant, never even been so up close to one for that matter. i took part in exploiting animals by supporting tourism boards and companies that were more concerned with the money in their pockets then the welfare of their animals. it’s not right that a tiger gets sedated or the backs of overworked elephants are breaking in exchange for a photo op. now years later, i had the chance to come back to patara elephant farm, an ethical elephant sanctuary and do my part in shedding some light on this toxic industry, and personally give back for a mistake i had made. . secondly, the trump administration just reversed an obama-era ban on elephant hunters importing trophies back into the united states. the u.s. has listed african elephants under the federal endangered species act, the global community has rallied to halt the ivory trade as ivory trafficking continues to pose as a cause to extinction; and now by lifting this ban in zimbabwe and zambia, this administration has underscored the importance of scientific wildlife management, and given the okay for hunters to mercilessly slaughter these animals for profit or sport. #bekindtoelephants . for more information on how to support ethical treatment of animals when traveling, visit my website. . . . #amazingthailand #thailand_allshots #thailandinstagram #igthailand #instathailand #thailandinsider #thailandluxe #lostinthailand #discoveringthailand #southeastasia #travelingtheworld #beautifulmatters #pataraelephantfarm #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #girlswhotravel #ladiesgoneglobal #girlslovetravel #darlingescapes #beyondtravels #globelletravels #travelstoke #dametraveler #thattravelblog #shotwithlove #stoptrophyhunting #savetheelephants #traveldeeper

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“how someone could want to shoot such an intelligent, empathetic animal as an elephant is beyond me...but what is most concerning for elephants is that renewed imports of trophy ivory into the united states might undermine the all-important ivory trade bans put in place by america and china.” frank pope, ceo save the elephants @savetheelephants #resist #endangeredspecies #savetheelephants

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Back in 2007 i had the opportunity to shoot with elephants. what an experience! elephants are such beautiful, gentle and intelligent beings. they need our protection and love. the one in the photo is named rambo. ❤️🐘#savetheelephants

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An increasing number of african elephants are now born tuskless because poachers have consistently targetted animals with the best ivory over decades, fundamentally altering the gene pool. in some areas 98 per cent of female elephants now have no tusks, researchers have said, compared to between two and six per cent born tuskless on average in the past. almost a third of africa’s elephants have been illegally slaughtered by poachers in the past ten years to meet demand for ivory in asia, where there is still a booming trade in the material, particularly in china. about 144,000 elephants were killed between 2007 and 2014, leaving the species at risk of extinction in some areas. meanwhile those african elephant populations that do survive could become virtually tuskless, like their asian cousins, researchers have warned. the most striking example is in the addo elephant national park in south africa, where 98 per cent of female elephants have no ivory. big game hunters there had killed all but 11 elephants by the time the park was created in 1931. four of the eight surviving females were tuskless. love animals? follow @veganvip#veganvip ❤🙏❤ . . . photo credit @hilarious.ted #veganism #animalrights #stoppoaching #protectthem #antipoaching #savetheelephants #saveelephants #elephants #elephant #funnyanimals #elephantsanctuary #heartwarming #veganfortheanimals #elephantlove #naturelover #endangered #elephantlover #bantrophyhunting #happyvegan

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Who the f*ck has the authority to sanction the extinction of a species?!?! even thinking of lifting the ban on importing trophy killings is the most despicable act i have yet to witness. #savetheelephants #elephant #bekindtoelephants #keeptheban @theellenshow #ellendegeneres

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Stop the killing of elephants for trophies. sign the petition in the #linkinbio if you agree. 🐘🚫🏆⠀ ⠀ #savetheelephants #stoptrophyhunting

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The glorious elephant, red african earth covering him, i love this shot, i have a healthy fear of these wonderful creatures (knowing what they can do to a car full of s****d tourists) but also harbor deep love for them, the fact that they come together to mourn their dead is enough for me to believe they have a consciousness similar to ours, if not probably more evolved. . . #savetheelephants #elephant #fuckdonaldtrump #africa #travelingtattooer #uganda #yorkatronic #travel #safari #loveyouellendegeneres

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Before going to the @phuketelephantsanctuary, i saw elephants in the wild just once while traveling to rwanda. “they are extremely dangerous”, so our safari guide said we couldn’t get too close. but through social media, you see others riding and bathing with them, so that’s what i wanted to do! by pure luck, i ended up going to the sanctuary in phuket - and i am more than grateful that i did. i learned about the abuse they go through to domesticate them for entertainment purposes. instead of riding them, i got to feed and walk beside them, and watch them be in their element. it was one of the best experiences, and decisions i’ve made 🐘. have you had a similar experience? read more on the blog! link in bio.

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If you have an apatite to k**l an 🐘 do the 🌍 a favor and k**l yourselves #elephent #savetheelephants

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I just can’t put into words how fascinating i find elephants...i’m about to listen to a talk by @sabadouglashamilton on her experiences with these incredible creatures and i can’t wait to hear about her work to help conserve them @savetheelephants. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #elephant #conservation #savetheelephants #monochromemonday #lowerzambezi

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Leave the elephants alone. they deserve to roam free as they were intended to. #savetheelephants #leavetheirtusksalone #thankyoutrump

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😭🐘💖 save the elephants #savetheelephants #bekindtoelephants everyone please save the elephants they have every right to live 🙏🏻

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Last month saw the birth of three dswt “grandkids.” over the next three days, we’ll be celebrating this trio of october babies. first up? yoyo! • on october 7, yatta (who we rescued in 1999 after her own mother was poached) returned to our ithumba stockades to show off her second calf and first son, yoyo. if he’s anything like his sassy sister yetu, who was born in 2012, yatta will have her proverbial hands full! • • • video © david sheldrick wildlife trust #dswt #yatta #yattadswt #yoyo #yoyodswt #yetu #yetudswt #ithumba #ithumbareintegrationunit #whyilovekenya #kenya #africa #magicalkenya #savetheelephants #saynotopoaching #racingextinction #jointheherd #dswtat40 #worthmorealive #antipoaching

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Elephant update: trump has put a hold on his administration’s plan to lift the ban on trophy imports from elephant hunts — and it was you who made him do it! to each and every person who voiced their outrage at the ban reversal: thank you. you made this hold happen, and now we must keep the pressure on to that ensure logic prevails. elephants face a plethora of threats to their survival, and we are doing so much to mitigate these threats, but hunting will not save them. there’s still a long way to go to save the species, but celebrate today — your voice made a big difference! #bekindtoelephants - trump tweeted today “big-game trophy decision will be announced next week but will be very hard pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of elephants or any other animal.” — i have no idea what this man means, he may be planning on going back and disabling the ban as he did before, or he may have completely changed his mindset and may now be referring to elephant trophy hunting as a ‘horror show’, showing that people power works, and now trump is scrambling back to try a get some support back after his disastrous elephant decision created so much anger. - if you haven’t seen anything about his yet, or want some more info check out my last post for all the info on the current situation. - some ways you can help are: •sign the petition in my bio •like @earthrated second most recent post to donate 1$ to @dswt •share a post with #bekindtotheelephants and @theellenshow will donate to @dswt •share this post with your friends, to spread the word and get as many petition signatures and money donated by @theellenshow and @earthrated as possible — photo © david sheldrick wildlife trust ( @dswt ) - #rescuetheworldtoday #rtwt #dswt #kenya #africa #savetheelephants #saynotopoaching #worthmorealive #ivorybelongstoelephants

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