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Sua vontade de vencer tem q ser maior que suas desculpas, seu medo faz parte, mas lidar com ele é um trabalho para sua mente! #corrida #run #runner #runners #rundisney #dopeychallenge2019 #wdwmarathon #viciadosemcorridaderua #corredoreszn #saude #gym #rundisney @brspices @361brasil @aminovitalbrasil @euroformulas @kontikteen @mealthys @flets.sport

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Muito obrigado aos meus patrocinadores, e todos que torceram por mim na sétima vitória da walt disney world marathon 2019!🏃🏃🏃
#fredisoncostateam ➖➖➖
many thanks to my sponsors, and everyone who cheered for me in the seventh win of the walt disney world marathon 2019!🏃🏃🏃
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Who could ask for a better team?
reposting @frosinfantasyland:⠀
"find you some coworkers who are willing to fly to florida, dress up like sugar rush racers and run a half marathon with you 💁🏾‍♀️#mycoworkersaredope #nicunps #happynpweek⠀
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Because this is the first monday i’ve been home since earning my #dopeychallenge bling, here is my #medalmonday pic of all 6 medals. time to add them to the #racebling wall. the d***y challenge was 4 more races for my 50 races in 50 weeks for @stjude. i am raising money for st. jude children’s research hospital because together we can end childhood cancer. if you can donate, there is a link in my profile. 🙏🏻
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#transformationtuesday 1st half marathon to 9th half marathon progress! about 5 years of hard work between the two photos. lots of miles, smiles, and yes...definitely some tears in there too.
for most people, results don’t happen overnight. and that’s definitely the case for me! i’ve been dreaming and working towards finishing a half marathon in less than 2 hours for what seems like forever, and nearly 5 years after i crossed the finish line of my first half marathon....i finally did it!
a look at my progression over the years (my best half from each year):
2014 - 2:32:09
2015 - 2:18:31
2016 - 2:14:01
2017 - 2:04:06
2018 - injured dns half
2019 - 1:57:49
consistency, determination, and the desire to challenge myself have driven my progress. you have to truly want it for it to happen! in 2018 i struggled with injury and burnout from training both physically and mentally. a forced break healed me (mind and body) and i am so overjoyed to say i feel back at the top of my game!
keep pushing towards those goals and focus on progress, not perfection. i’ve learned pinning a race as “the one” that “x” will happen does nothing but cause disappointment when progress happens but you might not hit the goal you had in mind. strive for your best! be proud of progress! and yes, be proud of those races that you do your best and don’t see progress on the clock. it’s a journey! 👊

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Still on such an absolute high from this past weekend. @rundisney you are now a part of my world! is it time for princess weekend yet?! 🏃🏻‍♂️

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Wake up and be well!✨ we woke up early this morning to participate in the be well cast member 5k disneyland!✨ it’s always so magical enjoying the parks before they open!✨
@disneyland @thisisourneverland #bewell5k #castmember #rundisney

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🏃‍♀️race recap part 4🏃‍♀️
i could feel myself slowing, i just hoped i wouldn’t hit that point all runners dread, where your legs totally b**w up, and you can barely move.
i gritted my teeth. the lead cyclist had told me i had a 2 minute lead, so i could play it safe a little, after leading the entire race, i was not going to give up the high i knew was coming. i had seen the finish line photos at the @rundisney races, and they are spectacular. this was about to be my moment.
the final mile has a lot of twists and turns, and it was hard to recover what little momentum i had left, but finally, i saw it, the finish line up ahead. .
i was really going to do it. i, tina muir, was going to win the disney world half marathon less than one year after the birth of my daughter, less than two years since i thought i was saying goodbye to running for good.
i saw mickey and donald up ahead, facing away. for a moment i panicked, did they even know i was coming? would the tape be ready or would i have to tap them on the shoulder and say, “excuse me, i just finished”.
then i realized why...they were ready for the photo, for what i knew would be one of my favorite photos of my life!
i had the biggest smile as i crossed that line, i tried to take in every one of my senses, i wanted this memory etched in my mind forever. you know how it feels to cross the finish line, the most exhilarating rush, one of the best highs we as humans experience.
and what was even better, i was doing it for the journey, for the experience. yes, this moment was incredible, but it was about so much more than the finish line. it was about what it represented. that it is possible to train hard while still putting your baby first. that is is possible to find your love of running if you have lost it. that it is possible to find peace and joy with not running as fast as you may have in the past.
here i was, running 6 minutes slower than my best, but overjoyed.
i was showing that i am not a superhuman who can bounce back and smash my pr soon after having a baby. i was showing that i am just like everyone else out there who is trying to be the best they can be.

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