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About to make myself a bowl of chocolate banana oatmeal topped with caramelized bananas, chocolate chips + nut butter for breakfast 😍🙌🏻🍌🍫 because who doesn’t want this goodness in the morning?! #ad . these chocolatey oats are sweetened with just a ripe banana - no sugar added (or needed), especially when we’ve got some dark chocolate chips on top 🤗 is this your kind of breakfast too?! . get the recipe via the link in my profile 💙✨ https://www.bakerita.com/chocolate-banana-oatmeal-gluten-free-vegan/ @nutsdotcom . wishing you a wonderful thursday. treat yourself to something that makes you smile today! 😘

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Firstly thank you so so much for all your lovely comments about my new blog - it's been a labour of love so it means so much that you like it 💚💚 and this, a remake of one of my favourite curries (ok i know i've got a lot of favourites 😂). cauliflower rice and pea curry (my version of gobi matar keema) and it's seriously delicious! link in my bio guys! much love, niki xx * * * #curry #cauliflower #cauliflowerrice #vegan #peas #veganliving #glutenfree #deliciousfood #healthyfood #eatmoregreen #greenlife #eatmoreveggies #rslove #todayfood #heresmyfood #lovefood #foodstyle #foodphotography #foodie #freelancelife #organic #seasonalfood #beautifulcuisines #foodandwine #plantbased #plantpowered #veganrecipes

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Busy day at work - wishing i had this sautéed veg salad for lunch! 🥗 i’m looking forward to seeing my parents this weekend for an nyc visit 🤗 what do you all have planned?

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**our new motto** #incactiwetrust #earthwindandcactus . . . wall hanging: by @jessikurrr shelf from: @bohemiangeneral light box from: @target

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Our two little bugs are snug in their beds...the house was quiet this morning without them, and it’s been filled with the sound of their coughing tonight. 😔 tap for sources. . . . . . #girlsroomdecor #girlsroom #ggathome #theeverygirl #smpliving #rslove #mybhg #mycountryhome #countryliving #houzz #hgtv #homestyling #instahome #instadecor #makehomeyours #decorforkids #inspire_me_home_decor #smmakelifebeautiful #flashesofdelight #interiordesign #interiors #decor #homedecor #decorating #interiorstyle #targetstyle #ikeausa #homeinterior

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Good morning! ☀️ i love saturdays - woke up feeling refreshed and inspired 🤗 this caramelized banana oatmeal was one of the best breakfasts i’ve had in a while 🍌 to caramelized the bananas, just slice lengthwise, heat a pan on medium heat with @chosenfoods coconut oil spray and place bananas cut side down. cook for 5 minutes or so until they start to brown, then flip and cook for another 1-2 minutes. adding peanut butter, @salbachia dark chocolate covered chia seeds, cacao nibs and a little plain yogurt took everything to the next level 🙌🏼 i’m taking a class at @cycfitness then meeting up with my parents! what does everyone have planned for the day?

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Guten morgen ihr lieben ❤🤗☕🤗❤ meine " mission " ich verbrauche mein protein pancake läuft mit meinem geliebten griess-buttermilch kuchen übrigens perfekt 😎 sogar so perfekt das es mir von der konsistenz richtig gut gefällt. 😍👌 er ist fester als mein griess-buttermilch kuchen....aber überhaupt nicht trocken. ich schreib mal das rezept hier hin,für den fall jemand möchte auch noch das protein pancake loswerden🙃 ....obwohl es mir in dieser zusammensetzung sogar richtig mega lecker schmeckt😋👌 100g griess🎈 40g protein pancake 🎈 4 teelöffel xucker 🎈 5g backpulver 🎈 6 tropfen flav drops cheesecake 🎈 250g magerquark 🎈 180ml buttermilch 🎈 mit dem schneebesen glattrühren 🎈 backen bei 170 ° 40min 🎈 fertig 🙌🏼🎉🎈 ich wünsche euch einen schönen tag 🤗❤😘

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Giveaway 🎉💕 today is another freestyle day which means it is time for another giveaway! as you know, @dmc_embroidery makes a beautiful color card with actual thread samples (their new card has their new 35 colors, say whaaaa)! so, one winner will be walking away with a @dmc_embroidery color card (ps - they are currently sold out, sooooo) 👏🏻😎💕 all you have to do to enter is make sure you are following both @dmc_embroidery & @gulushthreads and tag a friend below in the comments. the more friends you tag, the more entries you get! this giveaway is open to domestic & international entries, so everyone get to tagging. it's anyone's game!! 💕💕 • • • • #embroidery #embroideryart #rslove #contemporaryembroidery #handembroidery #modernembroidery #modernembroiderymovement #stitchventure #abmcrafty #stitchaday #handmade #nationalembroiderymonth #dmcthreads #embroideryinstaguild #fiberstudio #fiberart #fiberartist #freestyle #dmccolorcard #colorcard #threadcard

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Honeydew melon bingsu.

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Breakfast 🍳

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Welcome to my house where i’m serving up ricotta blueberry pancakes 🥞 topped with a homemade lemon 🍋 curd, peach mimosas and @madcapcoffee served up one cup at a time.

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“in music, though, one doesn’t make the end of the composition the point of the composition. if that were so, the best conductors would be those who played fastest; and there would be composers who only wrote finales. people [would] go to concerts only to hear one crashing chord—because that’s the end. same way in dancing—you don’t aim at a particular spot in the room; that’s where you should arrive. the whole point of the dancing is the dance…we thought [that] life by analogy was a journey, was a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose at the end. and the thing was to get to that end. success, or whatever it is, or maybe heaven after you’re dead. but we missed the point the whole way along. it was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing, or to dance, while the music was being played.” pc:@madetobemine.

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Falafel for brunch.

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Awwww true..!! in ❤ with these things 💫 i'm beleving in these beautiful things because of u 😍 u smile , i melt 💑 ur eyes are my favorite place to be in 👀 #thosesmilingeyes 😘 #iloveforeverwatchingusmile #iknowiamandwillbethereason 😉😇💖 #waitingformylovecometomensoexcitedtobeginourpurelovestory ❤👫 #rslove

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So wunderschön - so bitter kalt. ich glsube mit dem eisigen wind haben wir gut gefühlt -20°c 😳. habt ihr nur frostig kalt oder stürmt es bei euch auch? heute gibt es mal schnelle kekssplitter-muffins. ich hab zu viele eier gekauft 🙈🙈🙈. . . . . #foodwithaview #fototapetedelüxxx #muffins #sonntagsbäckerei #backtag #backenistliebe #backen #kuchen#leckerschmecker #foodinspo #foodieee #eeeeats #vscofood #heresmyfood #gastroart #yahoofood #lifeandthyme #foodwinewomen #foodaffair #chefsroll #leckeressen #feedyoursoull #sosavory #rslove #gloobyfood #vscocook #tastespotting #top_food_of_instagram #buzzfeedfood #buzzfeast

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Dessert? ☺️ • • •

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Pork bbq sticks

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Do you like dorade 🐟🐟🐟?

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Sardines & salad with avocado, tomato and carrots🥕🥑🍅 • • •

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My little niece ☺️ • • •

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Black tiger!

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Light thursday!

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Pork bbq sticks ❤️

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🍦🍦🍦 📸 @feedyourgirlfriend

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Our powder room makeover is still one of my absolute favourite projects! this project makes me that much more excited about our next update! i’m gearing up to add some similar moulding details to our hardworking entry as well as a fresh coat of paint! 🙌🏼

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Back to qing dynasty ⛩ #chinawithloon🇨🇳

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