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Tgif and tgfrd! thank goodness for friday and thank goodness for rose doughflowers! | 📸 @foodadik_ny |😉🌹🍩
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We hope that your memorial day was as rosy as this doughflower! 🌹| 📸 @foodsmithnyc |
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A truly delicious trifecta: our coconut cream, creme brûlée and rose doughflower. while the former two are stocked regularly, the rose doughflower is just here for a short period in honor of mother’s day. make sure to snap one up, for you or your mom, before they are gone. 💞🌹✨| 📸 @sjphantom |
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The rose doughflowers are back, just in time for valentine’s day. not only that but they’re available for nationwide shipping via @goldbelly. so whether you live in chelsea or indiana, you can enjoy these gorgeous rose shaped doughnuts dipped in a sweet glaze infused with rosewater. if you live in nyc just head to one of our 5 locations, and if you don’t, just head to our website and click on order>>>nationwide shipping. 📸 by @tacobellrita
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