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The most glassy, beautiful blues, brought to you by canada.

the vibrant blue color of canadian lakes is due to rock flour which is mixed into the water. rock flour is produced by the movement of glaciers or boulders that cause rocks to grind against one another. because the rock flour is very lightweight, it remains suspended in the water. this then scatters sunlight to produce that famous blue color, the same way dust in the atmosphere makes our skies look blue.

this is lake louise, one of canada's most popular and heavily-trafficked lakes because of instagram. that likely will not change anytime soon, so be sure to pack out whatever you bring in and be prepared for crowds.

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location | lake louise, banff national park, canada

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Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this look. my favorite thing about coyotes is their intensity. having photographed them many times, i’ve seen this stare relatively often. when they are unsure of something or someone, they drop their head and look forward with that menacing gaze. i know many people see them as a disposable animal, but there’s something about coyotes that’s pretty extraordinary.

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The true heritage of our earth.

nisi v6 with cpl landscape and gnd 1.2 medium.

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Magical walks through the austrian forest 🌱

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Keep calm, spring is coming.

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Beautiful black swan roaming in at the waters of the byodo-in temple in hawaii. was patient enough and lucky to get this shot.
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