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🏩 women in stem! ⠀

just a couple of our favorite women in stem. ⠀

we’ve found that positive representations of women on the screen in stem roles encourage girls to purse stem careers! ⠀

who are some of your favorite stem characters and role models? ⠀

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upon hearing the historic news about bowen yang becoming the first east asian cast member of saturday night live, i was overjoyed. it’s about d**n time—bowen’s made history! he belongs in 17.21 men, a league of extraordinary asian-pacific islander men.

by now, i’m sure you’ve heard the other snl news. i refuse to mention one of the new cast members by name, but he’s cast a shadow on what should be a celebratory time. in his non-apology, this racist (misogynist, and homophobe) talks about taking risks in his comedy. the very people he targeted are the ones who actually took risks—ones who (or whose parents, grandparents, great-grandparents) risked their lives to come to a country that didn’t want them. see: yellow peril, people v. hall, chinese exclusion act, immigration act of 1924 (oriental exclusion act), lum v. rice, anti-filipino riot of 1930, and executive order 9066, just to name a few. continuing to marginalize us now in 2019, and being given such a huge platform as snl, is irresponsible and dangerous. i’m reminded of these powerful images from the 1970s. we continue to fight almost 50 years later for recognition, representation, and visibility.
♀from the 17.21 archives: july 22, 2017
members of the association of asian pacific american artists (aapaa) protesting yellowface in hollywood, 1970s (but still relevant and happening today)
photos courtesy of public radio international (pri)

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Wow the accuracy 🙋🏽‍♀️🗣 (via @shanavedu )

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We couldn't let the #dmxchallenge go by with out a mini version. hope you like it!

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😎 “you’re not gonna give up on me, are ya?”⠀

the deauville film festival will be showing "thelma & louise.” and our very own geena will be honored with a talent award! ⠀

along with showing the classic and iconic “thelma & louise” they will also be showcasing the industry changing @thischangeseverythinghollywood with a q&a with geena to follow.⠀

what’s your favorite scene in thelma and louise? ⠀

let us know and learn more about the deauville film festival below:⠀

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Just in case you need this reminder today

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“can you paint with all the colors of the wind? ✨💙🍃🍂🍃💜✨
fun fact about me! i’m part native american on my mother’s side, specifically cherokee. in the cherokee tribe, women can hold the title as peace chief! 🧡
pocahontas is a fantastic leader in her film. she carries so much power, goes against the grain, and still does it all through peace! 😁✌🏾💟” @pernelllanghorne
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When i was little, i always wanted to be like my white friends & the white women in all the hair commercials. -
with their pin straight hair, & their perfect english. -
raised in a household where spanish was the only language we used to communicate with each other, i had to teach myself english & deal with the accent that didn't want to part ways with me. -
now that i’m older, there’s nothing i want more than to embrace my curls & my accented english.-
sometimes i’d pray that i’d wake up with straight hair because i felt like my hair was too curly & unruly. i can’t help but think that if there were more women on the tv that looked like me & had hair like mine i would’ve loved my hair a lot more growing up.-
all i’m saying is representation matters!-
it makes me happy to know we have a lot more natural hair on television now & on runways & just in everyday life settings.
if i tagged you it’s bc you’ve helped me embrace my curls and i know i’m not the only one who feels that way. 💛
who else agrees? or had a similar story growing up?
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