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Louisville w gf’s !! #eraserback #razorbox

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#afoolschallenge day 20 - you can't fix s****d (worst decision in horror)

why put in both hands when you can easily do it with one and save yourself from badly cutting your wrists

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Some weeks are ironstone winners out on the vintage trail. last week was better than most. but wait, the second razor box in two weeks is also the second razor box in two years! yikes🤷‍♀️ maybe it’s the season and i need to go out on another razor box quest. yes, it friyay —let’s make it razor box day (or whatever it is that you’re loving right now!) {sold}
happy almost weekend friends💙
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Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: vintage french razor sharpener and razor box with razor,gift for him,gift,old,herou razor, made in brest france #bathandbeauty #vintage #french #razor #razorsharpener #razorbox #gift #giftforhim #vintagerazor #madeinfrance #vintage #frenchrazor #etsyseller #etsyshop #collectibleb #tobuy #forsale http://etsy.me/2hmyuag

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Getting ready for halloween - this year's haunted garage theme is "saw"! here's some pieces, the billy puppet mask, the pig mask, the reverse bear trap i made, and the razor box from "saw ii" with foam instead of razors, and candy in place of the syringe, apparently it's unacceptable to do it the other way. with some lighting, music and a few other decorations i can't wait to set it all up for the trick or treaters.

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@fretzwerks #mailcall came home today to find this in the mail box 📦 so a big thanks to dillon for his great work, and all the extra stuff! looking forward to shaving. #restoration #straightrazor #clean #oldschool #shaving #shavingbrush #goodluckpenny #penny #pennybrush #theholyblack #shavingsoap #thiers-isssard69 #dorko #razorbox #veryhappy

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Jl. soekarno hatta 34a-36c kota malang (inside monkey garage malang). kita buka dari jam 10am - 9pm. ada free haircut* untuk setiap temen-temen yang cuci mobil di monkey garage :).

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Yang belum sempat potong, masih ada waktu kok sampai jam 9 malam ini ya.

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Kabar baik nih !.
kapan lagi cuci mobil di dapat free haircut*. .
caranya gimana? gampang kok kalian tinggal cuci mobil di @themonkeygarage, terus langsung dah ke razor barbershop di lantai 2. mobil sudah slesai dicuci, rambut sudah oke lagi.
dicatat ya : tempatnya ada di dalam monkey garage lantai 2.
#razorbox #barbershopmalang

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I have been testing @happylegsclub subscription box for the past few months and i have to say i love not having to worry about buying razor blades! you can pick your blade and how often you would like your refills! also it starts as little as $4 a month!

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Yang belum sempat potong, kita tungggu sampai jam 9 malam nanti.
jl. soekarno hatta 34a-36c kota malang (inside monkey garage malang).

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See you at razorbox barbershop until 9 pm.

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Lagi bingung mau cuci mobil sekalian potong rambut ? gak mau ribet harus pindah-pindah tempat ? langsung saja ke razorbox barbershop jl. soekarno hatta 34a-36c kota malang (inside monkey garage malang). .
sambil nunggu cuci mobil di monkeygarage selesai kalian bisa potong rambut dulu loh di razorbox barbershop. kita tunggu sampai jam 9 malam nanti ya~.

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