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"accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.⁣"⁣⠀
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I am me.
what is me?
how many selves must i bury
for that truth?
i don't know
and i don't know
if i'll ever know,
but i am here.
i have lived and
i have scraped
and i have worked
to change my fate.
i am youth
mixed with years
and i count love
by grief.
i seek silence
in the noise
and the music
in the clamor.
i am deep forest
in the city.
i'm reborn.
i am fire.
i am a wolf
with a snake
swallowing its tail
between my jaws.
i am burning
in the winter.
i am not an idea.
i am flesh and
a conversation
between east and west.
i am stuck,
i am stuck,
i am stuck,
but i'm not immobile.
and i am not
that which the perverse
laws of man
and society
define me as:
i am not my job.
i am art
and i am blood
and dreaming truth.
i am rebellion in the streets
that climaxes
in the
square of the martyrs.
i am me.
i am this visage.
a reconstruction of a character
whose face is shaped
by the squintings
at the rising of the sun,
and by the salt
of the winds
that so carried my ancestors
on the sea,
and i am sculpted
by the weight
so placed
upon my shoulders
as i grew
to a man.
i am cast by the snows
which are robes
for the mountains
and i have ever drank
in the spruce
and the pine
and the fir
to my maturing mind
that this were
a dialogue
between my heart
and the essence of the cedars,
the holy cedars,
and its manifestation
survives in my blood.
i am green,
deep and green,
and they say "you dont look arab"
i'm not arab,
i am me.
i am michael,
or as they say it
in the old country,
in our village,
anna maykel!
and i wear
the same eyes
that my great grandfather wore
when he left to
and returned
to be buried in our village
because he found there
only impostor
olive trees.
well i say
bury me
amongst the grove
of the olives.
let me lay
in the field and
contemplate eternity.
for i have come
also to a land
where there grow
no true
olive trees
and it is expected,
still of me
that i bear fruit.

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