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The first step to a greater life, the first step to have dreams and goals again is to let go.
we need to let go of our old clothes.
we need to let go of our beliefs, we need to let go of those fears. we must stop thinking we are weak when we are all but weak.

our clothes does not make who we are nor our jewels and our make-up

it is the person that is inside the clothes that counts.
it is this person that chooses what we will wear and how we will look like.

we don’t possess immortality on this physical plane of life and we won’t live for eternity.
even if we were immortal, we would have two choices: to fall in complacency or to achieve great things.

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Facts 😍🙌

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I struggle with depression, so i know how hard it is to power through when you are depressed. however, even if you’re just going through the motions, it can make a difference in how you feel. ✨
staying in bed and disconnecting from the world only isolates you and makes your depression worse. it’s all right, even necessary to disconnect sometimes, but you’re not going to win against depression if you give in to it all the time. ✨
i know every day is hard when you’re struggling with depression, but never give up. life is worth it, and it does get better.

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