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I ran across this quote a couple weeks ago, and it really didn’t hit me until i ran across it again this morning while scrolling through my phone. sometimes in life we may fall back into our old ways of thinking, and old bad habits, but that does not necessarily mean we haven’t made any progress it’s just certain things we each need to work on a little harder and focus on a little more. i have been going through my personal development journey for a little over 4 years now, and i can honestly say i’m not the same person i was before, and even though i still have so much work to do on improving my mindset. i also fall back into bad habits from the past and this has recently happened to me these past couple months. while reading this quote it finally clicked “old ways won’t open new doors” i have been holding myself back a lot because of fear of failure, and i’m pretty sure that’s something a lot of us deal with on a daily basis. sometimes i have the confidence to go out there and make things happen other days i’m literally scared shitless for what the future may hold, but through it all i choose to trust the universe and continue to move forward. we each have our battles, and it’s something we each need to overcome. so if you’re going through what im going through just know it will get better just because you may fall back into old ways doesn’t mean the progress hasn’t been made because it has. just trust yourself, trust the universe, and keep working on yourself. we will get there babe!💕✨👑

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Buildings on the upper east side 📍61 street
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What would you choose ? 😇😻👸💑
lisa or lena ✌️
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Good morning nyc, who would you share this view with?
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So i had never been to a halal burger spot before, and honestly the burgers from @omarsbp were some of the best i’ve had in a while! featured here are the hot pepper and the farmhouse beef bacon that’s made with beef bacon that was so tasty! and the fried pickles...so 🔥🔥🔥 this place is awesome #omarsburgersandplatters #omarsbp #omars #queens #eaterny #infatuationnyc #zagat #eeeeeats #halal

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