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This is the moment a puerto rican activist climbs a pole in front of the capitol building to take down the usa flag.
protesters are demanding that the governor ricardo rosselló resigns after sending messages that contained sexist and homophobic language.
the protests are part of a wider frustration with the government who they’ve criticised for not doing enough following hurricane maria in 2017.
large crowds have gathered in san juan, chanting "ricky, resign!"
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Shit you should care about... so called ‘peaceful protesting.’⁣

protesting has become such a dangerous act. peaceful protests are resulting in death, tear gas, bullets, r**e and other crimes towards the people who are simply trying to change the status quo. ⁣

it’s always been a danger, now protesting seems to be a death wish. ⁣

so support, spread the word & don’t be silent about sudan, hong kong, or any other protest going on in the world. those brave souls need us. #hongkong #sudan #sudanrevolts #peace #protests #worldnews #quote

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Dozens of protesters on friday staged a rally in front of the chinese consulate in manila as the philippines marked the third anniversary of its arbitral victory over china at the hague, which rejected beijing’s historical claims to resources in the south china sea.⁠

they condemned president rodrigo duterte’s actions since the legal win as “unconstitutional” and called for his impeachment, while urging china to “get out” of the disputed waterway.⁠

but while president duterte has been criticised for his soft stance on beijing following the hague’s 2016 ruling, his net satisfaction rating has gone up.⁠

read more through the link in bio. 📸: epa⁠

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the action came two days after european union leaders disagreed on a plan to make the bloc carbon neutral by 2050.
police ordered protesters to leave the open-pit garzweiler mine in western germany, citing dangers which could be life-threatening.
let’s not turn earth into one giant landfill

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‘tank man’. an iconic image from the tiananmen square protests and subsequent massacre in 1989.

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