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attacks on roe v wade are attacks on women’s rights.
• lawmakers - especially male lawmakers - have absolutely zero right to tell women what to do with our bodies.
• unwanted pregnancies decrease with more s*x education and better access to birth control. but who wants to take away s*x ed and access to birth control? who wants to take away healthcare?republicans. 🤔
• the maternal mortality rate in this country is increasing. today, women are twice as likely to die from childbirth related complications as our mothers were. this statistic gets higher with women of color.
• if you don’t take action about our schoolchildren being shot or immigrant kids being separated from their families, you aren’t “pro life.” you’re not pro life if you don’t care about a life once it’s born - you’re a hypocrite.
• are you anti-choice because of your religion? freedom of religion is another american right, but america also has separation of church and state - so you get to pray about those making a decision your religion is against, and don’t have an abortion if you don’t believe in it.
• you do not have the right to tell anyone else what to do with their bodies. that is between the individual and their doctor.
• i don’t even have time to get into how much this has to do with socioeconomics, racism, and various types of suppression.
• keep your laws out of my body.
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💬 i shut off the comments for a bit because i was getting exhausted. this week has been exhausting and triggering. while there have been a lot of supportive, pro-choice comments, there’ve been some ignorant and inappropriate ones as well. i usually just delete negativity but i do think debate is important most of the time. the overwhelming majority of negative comments i get on feminist posts are from white teenage boys. why is that? a horrible blend of toxic masculinity + white male privilege + immaturity? it’s like they seek feminism out to antagonize which is wild and kind of disturbing.

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Over 1 million students and teachers went on strike and flooded the streets all over brazil to protest against bolsonaro's education cuts.⠀

students defiantly chanted slogans like "there will be no cuts, there will be fight” and "fora bolsonaro" (bolsonaro out) in hundreds of towns and cities.⠀

the massive national protest marks the first large outpouring of discontent against bolsonaro's far-right government since his inauguration in january.⠀

#forabolsonaro #resistance #protest #brazil #brasil #students #education #studentprotest

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Soooooo gentrifiers have been attempting to take over dc, letting their dogs use the restroom on howard’s campus, suggesting black folks and black institutions move out of the neighborhoods they have inhabited for over a century, muting area residents music, involving authorities- well backyard band (a dc area legendary gogo band @backyardband organized a peaceful protest on 14th and u street today. if you know anything about that neighborhood- it’s a central location in the city. they shut it down!!!!!! i love this!!!!!! dc is still the chocolate city!!!! get down y’all, go head get down!!!!!! #protest #moechella #dontmutedc #chocolatecity #oneofmyfaves #forever

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Here’s a message for those #gop #planks in #georgia, #alabama and wherever else primarily #whitemale #republicans are trying to dismantle #roevwade - #gofuckyourselves - #keepabortionsafeandlegal! #wewontgoback #actup #fightback #womensrights #womensrightsarehumanrights #protest #women #womenempowerment #lgbtq #equalrights #f*****f

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Independent #q***r visual project in #barcelona ⚠️ looking for q***r people in town. ⚠️ i’ve been joined by professional creatives who believe in my message of protest. an art director and a production team has been put together to make this happen in full collaboration. get ready for a powerful speech with strong visuals. 🎥shooting dates: 27th, 28th or 29th of may. (only one of those days, the video will be wrapped in one day. date to be confirmed). thank you so much. feel free to share this post so it can reach as many people as possible 🖤 xo

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