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Only if my life was as smooth as my skin 😂😂😂 i started with nothing so everything is a win... #fatboithatmadeitoutthetrapboi #donerizzle #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #live2hustle #projectassset #iamastreetdream

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2018 bonnie & clyde... minus the bank robberies & running from the laws, we unstoppable. everyday my birthday long as i got my family with me. you can have all that other s**t 36 years i been on this earth almost 20 of it i gave to the streets. when i was down & almost went broke everybody jumped shipped but when you a truhustler that’s what you need to happen. most y’all don’t know the story but when the book come out you’ll really understand and relate to my struggle. then, that’s when you’ll understand the true meaning of #live2hustle #iamastreetdream #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #lastofagrindinbreed #projectassset

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Part 2... it’s crazy i seen this interview years ago and couldn’t really process it at first but now i get why they say it’s lonely at the top cause not everyone wanna put in the work to get there. i hate repeating myself but #l2h #live2hustle was started in a 500 a month apartment with me having nothing under my name so don’t see me now and think s**t was easy or sweet. i been putting in work almost 20 years working in the streets even working for others being treated like s**t and even being cheated but i never talked down or hated on my brothers or put dirt in their name. never pocket watched or expected any hand outs or anything just got mine. i’ve helped more people then i hurted and i never asked for a dime and that’s how i was raised. this message isn’t for anyone in particular cause i don’t do subliminal. this is for every person out there that wants to really get somewhere in life and truly succeed. i’m not even close to where i wanna be and i appreciate every single person that has witnessed or even contributed to this journey. i wouldn’t be where i am without any little piece that’s been apart of myself. god bless #l2h #ilostenough #iaintlosingnomore #live2hustle #doneright #teamdoneright #iamastreetdream #projectassset

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Earned not given that's why i'm out here living... 35 years i been on this earth, 15 started puttin in work... no complaints no remissions no restraints all commission this #l2h ain't just an image, we'll just see who ends up at the finish... god bless #live2hustle #l2hexperience #projectassset #lastofagrindinbreed

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Wether good or bad we always gon keep a smile... like we always gon get it #regardless #everybodyeatingb #l2h #teamdoneright #projectassset #lastofagrindinbreed

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Last time i was on the news it was a top story in beaumont, tx for mdma now i'm on #foxnews for doing something right... a lot of things have changed and the only answer i have as to how or why i got here is cause of god. i stayed in my lane and kept puttin in work. never hated on the next man doing better than me or tried to be better than anyone but the old me. i stayed true to myself and that's all i can really say. my time ain't even now like i've said before give me couple more years you'll really see me then. i'm just another dude from the streets that took an opportunity and ran with it but same time playing my position and doing what i do. let me remind you it's only the second month of the year 😬 thank to all my supporters, lovers especially the ones that seen me grow before the jewelry and all. & much love to my dickriders cause y'all need the most love taking time out your day to go in my page and write the r******d ineligible comments and just to get blocked. keep watching cause ima keep going hard this #doneright s**t won't ever die!!! thanks again to @isiahcareyfox26 for having me on the news. it was worth every dollar i paid him.... thanks to @iceman_nick my partner and other half of #teamdoneright for seeing it in me before i saw it in myself. i love you bro & of course my family that's never judged me and always looked at me as the best at everything without y'all i'd be dead or in federal prison. stay tuned guys the whole world gon get #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #iamastreetdream #l2h #projectassset #live2hustle #god1st #family2nd #everythingelseextra #fatboythatwasreallyworkinginthetrapboy

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Ain't no pressure when you really live it... god doesn't keep us alive for no reason so if you still alive today then god has a plan for you. this #l2h s**t isn't about money, it's about living by the code, striving everyday, not settling for less & pushing forward each and everyday that you're alive. family is the number 1 thing on this earth and if you not taking care of yours you don't exist. these my brothers, each one of them earned what they got themselves without me or anyone help. we family cause we truly care for each other & lover one another. we don't gotta benefit from each other to be family. we gain knowledge and reassurance that there is still real hustlers that share the same vision and that's to succeed and take care of our future. all from different walks of life & different hustles but we share the same laws. we not smiling cause we rich we smiling cause we know we got each others back, straight like that. rich or broke they still my bros... this ain't all of us so to my other brothers not in this pic i love and salute y'all. and to all the people that #live2hustle out there i salute you too!!! keep pushing and don't let these clown a*s fake love bustaz change your morals and principles. stick to your code and you'll rise above all too. #l2hexperience #unstoppable #regardless #iamastreetdream #projectassset #lastofagrindinbreed

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Stepped out for my homie @stickypromo bday last night went to bed at 4am woke up at 6:45am and made breakfast for the whole staff at the kids school... no excuses you wonder why i'm where i am it's cause succeeding is more important then breathing, keeping my word is all a man got in this world & no matter how successful i get i live by my own principles, morals & laws. have self respect and hold your head high wether you at the bottom or not cause that's what shows the true you. y'all "parents" worried about dressing your child in the flyest stuff giving them presents when it's more important to give them your presence. stop being babysitters and be some real parents... have a blessed day #doneright #teamdoneright #l2h #live2hustle #projectassset

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Bought a wraith cause i always wanted 1 & when you make it from that #alief you the chosen 1... 📷; @slimmtimmm #madeinalief #iamastreetdream #projectassset #doneright #teamdoneright #thestreetsjeweler #l2h #live2hustle

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It's easy to have an opinion that's why everyone has one... if i was worried about others opinions my daughter wouldn't be a straight a student, strong minded always a respectful humble & appreciative child that enjoys the simple things in life. isn't into material things even though i buy it it's just collects dusts. well mannered and knows she can go buy literally anything she wants right now but doesn't cause it don't mean s**t to her. enjoy every moment of her life the way she wants same time on her p & qs cause she ain't oblivious & knows s**t is real. so next time you bout to have an opinion about someone check your surroundings and ask yourself if you got the loved ones around you right before you go wasting your valuable time on someone that won't help or hurt you. and i ain't talking about riches or material things d***y i'm talking things you do that takes years of psychical and psychological investment cause we all die one day... it's what we teach the future that makes us legendary. everything i have i earned and it took 10+ years of investing for it to start going the way it should. nothing worth it comes easy and if anyone can have it i sure as hell don't want it. have a blessed day everyone and i'll be released from the hospital today and will reply back to everyone. business is back and i'm reallly going harder then ever #happymlkday #myeverything #princessvannah #projectassset #foodforthought @savannahtphan

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I didn't get to see bro for a year cause i had to deal with some s****d legal issues. finally got it done and it felt good to get back on track with him. it's almost that time for him to come home and ima do whatever is needed to make that happen which includes keeping him motivated and focused behind them walls. 13 down most would c***k or break but he ain't and ima do whatever i can to make sure he don't. he part of the reason behind the story of this car so when he seen it he busted out laughing... can't wait for us to really sit back and laugh bout all that in the past then put it on the silver screen for the world to see... i am my brothers & sisters keeper #freeanthony #freehappy #freeklumsy #freethomas #freeallthereal #l2h #lastofagrindinbreed #projectassset

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In yo city just cruising with the team... everyone of us earned what we got that's why we living our dreams #l2h #usvsthem #live2hustle #thestreetsjeweler #lastofagrindinbreed #projectassset #iwastrynabeatmyboyferrari #iwouldhaveifididnthave4peopleinthecarand24inchwheels

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You can't be a boss is you never took a loss... #l2h #teamdoneright #live2hustle #projectassset #lastofagrindinbreed #iamastreetdream

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The work i put in since a youngin, s**t i've endured and chances i took to be where i am caused me to become the monster that you see today. if all else failed i could go back to the streets and bounce right back, i did it before so just know what i mean when i say #unstoppable #regardless god got me and if one thing stop my other 99 hustles gone make up for it... i wasn't the hardest or the biggest to do it, i was just the one that did it right and my team gon keep winning with me #l2h #live2hustle #l2hexperience #doneright #teamdoneright #projectassset #lastofagrindinbreed #iamastreetdream #pouringoutfortherip #freeallmynikkaz #thestreetsjeweler #thehustlerschoice

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I been out here living this #l2h way for over 15 years... a lot seen the monster i became in the early years but i'm not the one to be worried about. i create monsters and everyone around me doing their own thing with their own hustles we don't be tryna eat off each other or get in each other's way we just get together and ball!! i love seeing my team win and long as you got that stamp on you ima make sure you winning too. love my team and i love all my haters and lovers cause without y'all we wouldn't be here and we got so much coming so stay tuned... difference between us and them is we don't do this s**t for the attention, we not trying to promote anything or get the hook up. we just here to enjoy our accomplishments and let loose so we can wake up the next day and grind harder. that's the #l2h way #live2hustle #l2hexperience #lastofagrindinbreed #iamastreetdream #projectassset #teamdoneright #doneright #thestreetsjeweler

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Be the 1 or be just another one... everyone wants to be an exception but no one wants put in the work for it #l2h #live2hustle #thehustlerschoice #projectassset #lastofagrindinbreed #doneright #teamdoneright @ihearts143quotes stay withthe realist quotes...

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This how i be when y'all lames be talking all that "real" s**t or when dudes tell a whole story trying to believe their own lies... 😂😂😂 it's just social media homie if you got more followers then money you got it all f****d up. if i had a dollar for every dude that told me they was on or balling but really was a bum i'd be a multi millionaire!!! #noticetheresnosound #causeituneoutbs #l2h #teamdoneright #live2hustle #projectassset #lastofagrindinbreed

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