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Progress :: be a turtle! 🐒 .
in all of these photos i’ve made progress. the first on the left i had already lost about 30 lbs to get out of the 400s. the second picture i’d lost enough to get out of the 300s. and in the last photo i’m hovering about 11 lbs away from reaching my -200 lbs lost goal and about 14 from getting out of the 200s. 🀨
in all honesty you have no idea how much i want to share i’ve just hit -190 lost! but i’m a f*cking turtle!!!
and the truth is i’m perfectly fine with that. i’m on no ones clock but my own and i’m proud of the progress i’ve made in every single area!! but i do not and will not compare myself, my path or my progress to anyone else.
instead of comparing and wondering why you aren’t where so-and-so is: or how in the world someone else lost x doing y and you’re not seeing the same results: or why it’s working for abc and not you, stop looking everywhere else for your own measure of progress!
step on the scale.
take the measurements.
take the photos.
but also do these vital self-checks:
-how are you feeling physically?
-how are you feeling mentally?
-how are you feeling spiritually?
-do you feel less stressful?
-do you have more energy?
-are you complaining less?
-are you cutting down on the negative self-talk?
-are you laughing more?
-are you participating in life more?
-are you moving more?
-are you open to change more?
-are your binges/skipping meals less often?
-are you drinking more water?
-are you eating more mindfully?
-are you experiencing less brain fog?
-are you finding yourself actually enjoying moments in your one-and-only-life?
these are so many other measure of progress are the ones that matter and they don’t all happen overnight. it takes time, and effort and consistency to make progress but it is possible for all of us: it is possible for you!!!
you need only choose it and then act to make it happen. πŸ’›
be a turtle 🐒

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Today i woke up to a text message from my dad. google had reminded him of his "memories from 4 years ago" and they were from this day - this shoot. this was my first styled shoot. i had worked with @everaftervintageweddings and planned it for more than 6 months. i even invited my parents because i wanted them to see what photography was all about. i hand painted every detail that i could. i had envisioned my dream wedding and on this day, it came to life. i cried when i showed up to the shoot. it all felt so surreal - that these vendors were here because they believed in us. to top it off, our models were actually our bride and groom from our very first wedding we photographed (love you @halaanne and @billyalanpalmer!). i remember being so proud of this day and this shoot. it was picked up by ruffled - my dream blog at the time. i remember sitting in my cubicle at work when i saw the acceptance email come through - and i immediately messaged thomas. we both ran into the stairwell (we worked at the same firm) at work and celebrated. i look at these photos now...and i cringe when i look at most of them. πŸ™ˆ there are so many things i would do differently now! but, this was a step of our journey that has led us to where we are now. and we've grown a lot - and this little reminder from my dad made me stop and realize how far we've really come. it may not seem like we're all making progress every day - but every baby step that we take pushes us in the right direction. flowers by @marigoldflowerco. dress from @renttherunway. hair and makeup by @smpmua. #watercolormap #weddinginspo #sfweddingphotographer #sanfranciscoweddingphotographer #bokeh #renttherunway #progressnotperfection #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #springwedding #floridawedding #contax645 #northerncaweddingphotographer #napaweddingphotographer

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Dinner πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🍳rigatoni + tomato sauce + veggies + evoo + ground turkey —-> when life gets tough, it’s ok to allow yourself to feel bad. you are human and it’s’s normal to feel. but you have the power to refuse to be a victim. you can choose to be kind and generous to yourself. you don’t have to compare yourself to others. sometimes we forget that we all have different journeys and paths. we all have different stories. remember that great things take time, patience , and most of all consistency. forget what anyone thinks about you. it’s what you think about yourself that truly matters. you are stronger than you think, so give yourself some more credit. don’t let your mind get the best of you. fight back .
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Unexpected trips down to the or are always exciting. yesterday i was working with a big variety of amazing health care providers including physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, cnas, and many more!

all around, let me tell you i’m not the biggest fan of my second semester as a whole. i’m tired 24-7, stressed 24-7, and want to sleep 24-7 (lol seriously); however, it’s moments during my clinicals where at the end of my shift my patient tells me, “thank you lauren. you’re going to become a great nurse. thank you for making my experience so much better.” ———————————————————

it’s moments like these where i remember why i started. it’s moments like these why i’m in a nursing school. it’s to connect. it’s to heal. it’s to listen. never lose your passion my friends. stay humble. stay loyal.πŸ’›πŸ’‰

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I was trying to get a shot of me doing some of my physical therapy exercises but what it really turned into is an awesome sneaky shot of my bananas, which i thought you guys would appreciate because i know how much everyone likes to freak out about the amount of bananas i buy.... 🍌🍌🍌
hope your friday is as bananas as mine! πŸ’›
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