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What do you guys think of the #15yearsofsbdunk video? if you haven't seen it yet go check it out. link in my bio. @nikesb

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@carlosribeiro91 drops his new part on @thrashermag's site today. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #primitiveskate #skateboarding

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Nighty tee, available now at primitiveskate.com (link in bio). #primitiveskate #primitiveapparel

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@sls erie and arvada are the sickest parks in colorado πŸ‘ŒπŸ½@primitiveskate #primitiveskate #checkmesb

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Thought we were going to get rained out this morning but with the help of the city of ec and some helping hands, we got the water cleared out! #cityofelcentro #sidewinderskatepark #primitiveskate

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Before its destroyed-- not from cool tricks just from falling everywhere πŸ˜‚at least i can put it together by myself πŸ€“#honesty #startover #skateboarding #primitiveskate #realtalk #learningalloveragain #thundertrucks

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Me and my g @prod84 πŸ™πŸΌ#skatelife #skateboarding #primitiveskate

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Behind bars |@ycjxxixxiixcvi follow @hypetwn to be featured

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Got this lil line before my phone died πŸŽ₯ @samyannotti #primitiveskate #venturetrucks

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@carlosribeiro91 new "juice" part is πŸ”₯. go check it out. link in my bio. @primitiveskate

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Yesterday was great to experience at sidewinder skatepark in el centro. it's great to see local talent shine and grow. diego najera going pro was well deserved long before, but primitive is the team you definitely belong on and where pro needed to happen. i am so glad i got my hands on the opal deck. #diegonajera #primitive #primitiveskate #elcentro

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Thrasher | @o.g.patrick follow @hypetwn to be featured

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Make sure you check out @primitiveskate pro @carlosribeiro91's new "juice" part playing over at @thrashermag now! #primitiveskate #grizzlygang #hardwareheavyweights #stayglassy

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