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“travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” ✈️🌍❤️
sorry about the cliche travel quote, but it felt like a fitting caption for this viewpoint 😍😍
people come to petra because of the famous images of the treasury (which is definitely amazing!), but the entire time you’re walking around petra you are surrounded by the most unbelievably beautiful landscape, and the hiking / viewpoints are seriously breathtaking. i could have spent 2-3 more days there exploring the whole area, but unfortunately didn’t have that much time in the country. .
where have you been that completely blew you away with the natural landscape? .
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One of my favorite venues..🎶 thank you again to @lamag & @lyft for the amazing box seats!! 💕💖💕

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🇺🇸all the time, when i’m arriving in new york city i feel the energy. it’s like you are getting plugged into a source of unlimited power. i’m ready to create more, work harder, and move to my goals faster. yeah, there is always a big chance to burn out quickly, but i will take this risk only for the sake of this drive.
fyi, this weekend trip was awesome.

🇷🇺Каждый раз, когда я приезжаю в Нью-Йорк, я чувствую поток энергии. Как будто кто-то подключает тебя к источнику питания с безграничной энергией. Я готов создавать, работать больше, и двигаться к своим целям намного быстрее. Да, здесь всегда большой риск перегореть, но из-за этого драйва, я готов рискнуть.
Короткая поездка на выходные удалась.

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When you go looking for cats to pet but the universe hands you three perfect puppies instead 😍

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A door with history and character

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Walk in the north of france during a winter day. it’s fascinating how nature does all the work, you just have to take out your phone and take a picture

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History has no end ~ ~ ~ ~ 07/06 ~ nineteenth day

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Each second brings me closer to loneliness ~
11/06 ~ twenty third day

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Sunday staples: all black everything & a carryall 😎

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When the sun disappears below the horizon 🌅

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The magnificent natural history museum dressed in christmas clothes 😆

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View over the village of gruissan and its tower barbarossa overlooking it in the south of france

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