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Occupy ice camp in portland — mad dance party tonight from now until...?
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Visiting the mothership today in #pdx. #portland #portlandia #adidas

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Sucks when lights burn out. #portlandia #signage #epicfail

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Put a bird on it... #portlandia #writingbreak

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I have just added two lepidolite necklaces to the website, one silver and one gold. since the stones are raw, i’m listing them at sale price to make them part of the raw jewelry sale! lepidolite is a magnificent stone that has very high shine and reflective properties. technically they are a mica, which is the same thing that those sparkly mineral eyeshadows are made out of ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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Exploring the tiny houses of portland...🏡 #portlandia

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Don’t these appetizers look amazing?! we came anticipating the asado argentino, a platter of meats for two, but had to start off with a tuna sashimi type of plate w/ roasted quinoa and avocado (special today), bread w/ chimichurri & butter, and oysters to calm our growling stomachs before bringing on the main course.

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Who’s ready for free team trivia? it’s going to be a good time... as always. wednesday, 7-9 p.m. with @goodlifebrewing#pdxtrivia #pdxpubquiz #portlandtrivia #pdxbeer #overlookpark #portlandbeer #portlandia #bendoregon #oregonbeer #pdxevents #do503 #wweek #northportland #untappedpdx

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Hey fam, if you saw my facebook post a few days back you’ll know that i’m on iv antibiotics again (even though it took a ridiculous initial 11.5 hours in the er, 3 additional days, and 30+ phone calls between today and yesterday to finally get it to start tonight). i got pfts done today and i’m at 62% lung function. not my worst, but i definitely feel pretty shitty. as per usual, i apologize if i’m relatively unresponsive for the next 4-5 days while my body adjusts! feel free to comment below with your favorite series or documentaries on netflix/hulu/hbo/whateverthefuck.
i’m excited to feel better :) love you all & thank you for all of the messages i’ve received so far!

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