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#qotd : do you believe in love ?

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Who is the one in your life? tag your love or somebody very important to you😍

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Two truths and too many lies.
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incredible art by @melaniab_ilustracion

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How has your day been?
just thinking of being without you kills me. it strikes me. i should not be saying stuff like this, but sorry if i couldn’t avoid it. i couldn’t let you know how much i have died drowning in these negative thoughts but i just really want to tell you how much i’m afraid of losing you.
you’re the only one i want and nothing and no one can ever change that.
mark my words, it’s you who i want to love and no one else. for me you are more than enough.
you’re the best person that was ever given to me. 💫✍️

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A vivid memory, and a
self-critical disposition 
means remembering you
and i wonder
do you think of me too?
my first poetry book, unfollowing you, is now available. link in bio 🤗💖
beautiful art by @maniacodamore

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6/10/18 #throwback
be there for yourself. be strong for yourself. shine bright for yourself. love yourself and become better daily. because i promise you there will be moments in life when there isn’t anyone else there except for yourself. @jadapinkettsmith .

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