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What's your favorite tv show?🥀
"when you love someone, everything about them starts to become infinitely better. you look at them like it’s the first time all the time, and i know they say that butterflies stand for nervousness but it’s not the anxiousness in your stomach but more of a warmth in your soul whenever they are on your mind or in front of you. even if you hated music, you’d still love the melody in their laugh and the song in their voice. you can walk downstairs to buy a gallon of milk and within the twenty feet you will find something that’ll remind you of them. it’s as easy as seeing their favorite color or a stranger order coffee the same way they will. and as you start every day, you wish the sun would never set so you’d never have to miss a conversation you could have if sleep wasn’t necessary.
when someone loves you, they will find their way to you and you won’t have to ask them to come meet you in the middle of the city just for five minutes. they will want to. they will want to listen to you rant about your current mood and listen to you when you are stressed about everything, even when it is absolutely nothing. they will touch you with tenderness, kiss you with the softness they inhabit, and when you are close enough to feel their heartbeat, you know it’s for you. you’ll be able to see the electricity in their eyes and the fire in their soul whenever you are together, enough to light up the world and even the sea can’t burn you out. it’s always a special moment with them, even if it’s the simplest things such as taking a walk or drinking tea on a chilly day, and even that’ll be more than ordinary. and as this person continues to stay in your life, you will realize how deserving people are of love, especially yourself."

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Steve nash's passing ability was poetry in motion. @stephennash 🔥

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Instagram or snapchat? - "i’ve never loved someone like this before. someone who doesn’t even need to tell me to catch the stars, because if i could, i would do that – voluntarily for the one. this is by far the worst but the best feeling i’ve ever had. i’ve felt as if i’m willing to do anything just to capture your attention, that even if it’s impossible, i will still try to make it possible. you see, i sounded like a superhero, or maybe no. maybe i sounded more like someone who has a superpower. and yes, i care too much, i feel too much. but loving you seemed never enough because i need to prove it to you. i am not even asking for your permission, though i respect you too much that i will listen and understand everything you’ll say. i’ll catch the stars, follow the moon and give you every kind of flower in this world if that’s what you wanted. but please, don’t push me away. because i’m scared to be treated like nothing. i’m afraid to feel that i’m not worth it. that i don’t deserve a single glance and smile from you. i don’t know if i can take another heartache. i don’t know if i can still move on, because i’m certain that this is real. that i’m not fooling with myself for what i feel. i’m seriously in love. and i can’t hide it any longer. that’s the reason why – with all the courage inside me – i’m going to say and show how much i love you."

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Comment 'hurt' letter by letter! follow @painfullysad (me) for more! 🌹

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Comment "love" letter by letter! - @ripfairy - dear you, i hope that you will fall in love with someone who will smother your bruised hands with kisses. i hope that you will fall for someone who will tuck a strand of hair behind your ear and tell you how beautifully messy you are. i hope that you will fall for someone who is not afraid to love you, and is too madly in love with you to leave you. i hope that you will fall for someone who cannot stay mad at you for long, who cannot bear the pain of not talking to you at all. i hope that you will fall for someone who reads your books and listens to your songs just to know what you have in mind. i hope that you will fall for someone who understands you, who will always be there for you no matter what happens. i hope that you will fall for someone who will still kiss you goodnight, no matter how big the fight may be during the day. i hope that you will fall for someone who will never get tired of your dramas, of the things you are crazy about, and that he will love them all too. i hope that you will fall for someone who will tease you so much, and will then comfort you when you get mad from all the teasing. i hope that you will fall for someone who will eat the food you cook, no matter how bad it can be. i hope that you will fall for someone who can’t go on a day without your voice, your smile, and you. i hope that you will fall for someone who will see you as something that is oh so precious. i just hope that you will happily fall for someone, even if that someone is not me. a letter i will never send to her (via somepiecesofmyheartandsoul)

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I made 4 groups of #kanyewest's greatest hits and i want y'all to pick the group you like best, comment below your favorite one👇💕 . group 1: flashing lights clique through the wire . group 2: heartless all falls down jesus walks . group 3: father stretch my hands niggas in paris slow jamz . group 4: gold digger stronger good life

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Aqueles clichês...

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The winner! what should we do next?

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Hello i played with a cute dog today what's ur favourite breed of pup 🐕 - - - #love#romance#tumblr#vintage#inspiration#goals#flowers#drawing#beach#girl#model#vinyl#makeup#photography#aesthetic#weheartit#girlfriend#boyfriend#relationshipgoals#poetry#quote#paris#fahiongoals#followforfollow#fff#ootd#likeforlike#lfl#followback#sfs

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If i tell you that you are no longer a god to me, just a lonely boy with a rotten heart, will you finally be scared that i'll really leave you? #poem #poetry #words #watercolor

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Growing in the garden 👽 that golden ratio and a poem from a year or two ago from sprout be new find mind in two reach out new heights divine puzzle to frighten you a fright it was when mind met matter the eye turned inward the heart tumbled sprung by the eternal void mute fact of existence like a burning heat #tao #existential #transcendental #writing #writer #poem #poetry #spirit #mind #alien #mana #nature #photography #explore #adventure #spiral #fractal #goldenratio #plant #green #forest #garden

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Look into the eye of her soul until you no longer have eyes to see, then you will see. | #mernwrites ------------------------------------ #godvibe #goddess #iam #weareone #californiacoast #homesweethome #calilove #ocean #sunset #surf #sand #poet #poetry #poem #poeticjustice

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📖 always searching for knowledge #charlesbukowski #poetry #inspiration

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Love to @shazam for verifying @theyearlong keep in mind @theyearlong latest single “evergreen” goes on pre order goes live 7/28 #music#indie#single#theyearling#applemusic#listen#love#poetry#daily#dailymusic#enjoy#evergreen#blues#artist#compose#live##junkie#tmprecords#passion#artists#mustlisten#drums#vocals#guitar#piano#composition#popmusic

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Don't lose the simplicity of loving him like the very first time. #heartfullwhispers

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#expressionism nobody likes to talk about the darkness when your going through it. but it was moments like this that defined me. #beautyforashes #pain #broken #despair #depression #poetry #darkness #loneliness #brokenheart

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