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We’ve had atlas 6 weeks now but it feels so much longer, i think because he settled so quickly it feels like he’s always been here. in that time we’ve had 2 weekends away and had a few training lessons alongside starting agility. he’s so different to kodak in almost every way. this photo by @thedogsbyalex sums him up perfectly, he’s such a loveable clumsy goof ball. he loves to be near you whereas kodak is miss independent. he’s heavy on his (huge!) feet and nowhere near as agile and dainty as she is. he’s motivated by smell and sound whereas her prey drive is triggered by sight. he absolutely loves to sleep and wouldn’t get up until midday if we let him - if we’re not out the door by 6.30am for the morning walk kodak will let you know about it! they say opposites attract and whilst she annoys him lots i think deep down they really love each other. we certainly love them both and they have completed our family 🖤🖤🖤

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Here she is. our perfect little pest 😂 she’s so cheeky and naughty but with a face that cute she totally gets away with it. it’s 9 months since kodak arrived and she has totally transformed our lives. dogs really are great for the soul - always happy to see you and so incredibly loving 🥰
if you want to increase your quality of life i’d definitely suggest you consider getting a dog 🖤 and if you do decide to get one, definitely consider adoption 🖤 and if you do decide to adopt, definitely consider a podenco 🖤
feel free to dm me for more info on the breed and details of rescue charities that adopt all over the world 🌍

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