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Feeling much better now.
treat your hair right, don’t be like courtney circa 1996. listen to episode 136 with @justinanderson aka the blonde guru.

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I never realized that the healthiest i would ever feel in my life, would come at such a high price...

a lot of relationships have had to go.
others needed to be set straight.
scheduling needing to be prioritized around me and what i needed.
not what everyone needed from me.
beliefs i had about myself had to get flushed out.
hard long looks in the mirror needed to find acceptance & love at the person staring back....
some passions needed to be traded up for peace.
and a few old memories needed best forgetting...

i never knew the healthiest me would come at such a high price, ((so much so i had to steal @thejamesduke ‘s amp just to get this t-shirt🤣)), but it’s been worth every penny...

for so long i just wanted the end game....
but my most unhappy and unhealthy times were when i was on the hunt for it...

i think the secret weapon to true joy & fulfillment is learning to love the process...

& i think i’ve just begun to scratch the surface in feeling gratitude for all i’ve been through....

even thought it’s been a lot of loss...
there has been ample gain...
it’s all made me, me....
and for that, i’m grateful...⚡️

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I saw a few versions of this so i revamped it and added a few extra points. everyday is either a spending day or an investment day. which is it for you. if you find you’re doing more spending than investing, make a few small pivots and you’ll be in the investing category in no time.
i can’t tell you the power of investing and it’s overall health on your life; a better mind, body, circle of influence, relationships, finance, spirit and more. priceless if you ask me.
and i believe when people see the right column, they dread the “work” that comes with it. technically, you’re doing just as much work to make a “spending” decision as you are making an “investing” decision. the only difference is where your energy is going. that’s it.
choose wisely my friends. invest.

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Go get it 💸🔥⚡️#words2success

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The day doesn’t stop for anyone, the schedules are always busy, but @loadedco makes everything that much better 💨
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Where my san diego girls at?!

i’ve had a girl crush on this boss b**e since i walked into @holymatchaa and saw @clearstemskincare with a pink logo - instantly i knew i had to be friends with whomever created such a bad a*s genius skincare product! 🌿💕

@kayleigh.christina is the cofounder of both @clearstemskincare and balancing your hustle podcast. we chat about kayleigh’s journey with skincare, wellness, and creating her ultimate dream business!
also, we discuss...
🧖🏼‍♀️ balancing wellness and your hustle
🧖🏼‍♀️ the five minute favor
🧖🏼‍♀️ how a passion can quickly turn into a successful business!
listen to the episode on itunes - link in bio!

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le deuxième épisode de #juliadonneleton est en ligne !
je reçois camille @noholita et on a parlé de son parcours, son travail, sa notoriété le tout avec bella en fond sonore 🤗
j’attends vos commentaires ✨
#new #episode2 #lagencechezjulia

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Please please please diversify your platforms and content and start using the attention you have here on #instagram to build up your email list, texting platform, #twitter #youtube and #facebook accounts, your #podcast and #linkedin profiles.

my friends this isn’t a recommendation it’s a warning.

i see insta being a huge platform for the next 5 years but what about after that? or what if i’m wrong and the consumers attention evolves quicker to some new platform that launches tomorrow?

tag an #influencer or someone you care about who’s all in on instagram and making their living off of it.

#garyvee #perspective #mindset #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia

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