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To all these kids calling in-sick on 4/20 after having been talking about hippie hill less than 24 hours beforehand....👀

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Finché non avete trovato ciò che vi appassiona, ciò che vi ferma il fiato, ciò che vi riempie di gratitudine, ciò che vi fa brillare dalla gioia immensa,continuate a cercare!!!💞
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Just finished working out..my back feels really tight..there was loads of core work and rotation..so i may need to roll it out..gonna go take a hot shower and wash out this deep conditioner(or maybe i'll sleep in it..haha)
i really love my new job..factory work is definitely a job i can be happy working for a while..heheh plus..i get to work by myself..no group work..no one hounding me,bothering me for being weird..etc.hahah i did have a super horrible experience my first day..where i was pretty aggressively sexually harassed.. but.now i dont see that guy anymore..so im fine now.haha
i hope everyone is doing well!
and in case you havent heard it today..i love you..you are worthy!!youre gorgeous,kickas*,and you can do it!!
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Embrace your transformation. as you evolve into the you that you were created to be, you will become unrecognizable to some people. don't worry though. your authentic tribe will continue to recognize, encourage, and love you for all that you are.✨

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You gotta apply that p.u.s.h mentality every single minute of every single day! persist and never give up, never forget why you started! #persist #nevergiveup #desire #motivation

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🥤g o o d • m o r n i n g🥤
i’ve never been one for meal replacement shakes - i eat well, i (try to) exercise daily & i’ve never even considered them but lately i’ve introduced them as i struggle to feed myself enough in the mornings. i always end up grabbing myself something before school run that’s healthy but quick, convenient & nowhere near substantial enough to keep me going.. so i decided to give these a go again 👆
i have used them previously as an after exercise protein shake, but this week i’ve been drinking them in place of my usual breakfast and honestly the difference in my energy levels is amazing 🙌
normally it takes me 3 coffees to get going in the morning, not this week.. i feel so full of energy, motivated and for once i’m not bloated (having ibs absolutely everything makes me bloat). i also struggle with my sugars in the morning & find myself getting a bit dizzy if i don’t eat early enough. i honestly feel amazing! and they keep me full until lunch time, another unheard of for me!!! no nasties in this shakes & for someone who loves to eat, trust me if they didn’t have this after effect i wouldn’t even consider 🤷‍♀️
***note i’m not using as a weight loss product per se, just trying to get some more nutrients in my body, in the most convenient way... having a healthy body is always & will always be my number 1 priority. i’ve been mixing the powder with some fruit (raspberries/banana) & almond milk & they are really hitting the spot for me... 🙌
happy weekend peeps 💕p.s - this is not an ad ✋
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Whilst i was on this adventure 2 days ago half way through the day i reminded my self that even though i had work to do i had to appreciate the weather whilst it has come that day, it hit highs of 23 degrees and to have a day like this in england was not to be missed... i took the moment as it was and went with it... check my next post where i spent time round a reservoir catching the sun for a few hours.

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There was only 3 people is the distant background here, would had been perfect for yoga or meditation or even visualisation. ☀️

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You are worthy of whatever your heart desires: be it happiness, love, success, wealth, a better life ....
remind yourself every day that you are worthy.🙌💞

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Hey you reading this... who ever you are and where ever you from i want you to know this... where ever you are now in your circumstance of life you can be doing that thing or become that person you have always wanted to. don’t listen to the nay sayers who say you can’t you won’t or it hasn’t been done before, they are not not you they don’t know what your capable of becoming... get out there and find more meaning to your life. get off the fence and take massive action and i promise you things will begin to shift and change instantaneously, the change will start slow but will always pick up momentum and away you go.

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☀️ s a t u r d a y ☀️
sunshine you make me happy & i love you 💕
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Oh hi now!! nice to meet you again...been a bit distracted off in past and future. good to be back. all is well 🔥

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Just imagine what you could achieve if you step out of your comfort zone? remember your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by the changes you make, we tell kids to dream big so why don’t we! #dreambig #makechanges #dontbeafraid #personalgrowth #thinkbetterlivebetter #livebetter #bepositive #behappy #onelife #mentalhealth #medicineforthemind #hypnotherapy #tryit #itworks #ificandoitsocanyou #changingmindsets #brainscience #clearthinkinghypnotherapy #cambridgshire

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