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“i’m a service director for @aircanada. i’ve been with the airline for 24 years, and i knew from the age of eight that i needed to be in aviation. i wanted to be in the airport and around planes, travelling the world. i loved the smell of jet fuel, and it’s always been with me since i was young.
this evening i’ll be onboard a full flight from @toronto pearson to paris. we’ll be landing next year, in 2019. on a flight like this, our customers are super excited—you can feel the anticipation in the cabin. when the clock strikes midnight, our customers may not know which time zone to go by, so they celebrate their own new year’s moments all throughout the aircraft.
as the service director, i liaise between the flight deck and the cabin crew, and with our customers as well, of course. the cabin crew and i make every effort to anticipate the needs of our customers to keep them comfortable and safe with care and class throughout the flight. it’s our honour and privilege to do so, and particularly on such a special evening as new year’s eve.
there are parts of this job that can make an incredible impression on you for life. a few years ago, i met a grandfather bringing his granddaughter to vancouver. she had lost her mother and was distraught, refusing to board. we helped the grandfather by offering the child words of encouragement. i told her that i was young too once and there is always hope. in vancouver, i helped them off the plane, navigated the baggage carousel and was with them all the way to the parking garage. i was part of their story.
five years later i wrote to her grandfather, asking about her. he told me i was a vital part of that day. it was a very special feeling to know i made a difference for her.
i try to connect with everyone onboard with humanity and warmth and sometimes people will let you into their world and then you know what you can do to make their flight special and memorable. that’s what’s important to me and that’s how you get to know what truly matters in life.# victor, service director, air canada
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I was 18 when @air canada hired me as a second officer on the dc-8. before that, i flew for the opp out of belleville, ontario, in the summer of 1972. i’ve been flying for air canada for over 45 years now.
in many ways, flying has changed a great deal from when i started. when i started at toronto pearson, i could park my car, walk across the parking lot onto the ramp and climb right into the aircraft. in flight planning, flight dispatch and i would compare our calculated fuel load and route with graphs, pencil and paper. i even had a flight navigator in the flight deck using the stars to navigate on overseas routes. now it’s all done by gps.
i have lived the pilot’s dream, experiencing new aircraft that are larger, faster and go even farther than the last. i’ve flown the dc-8, dc-9, b727, l1011, b747, a320, a330, a340 and since april 2007 on the boeing 777 logging over 26,000+ hours what stands out the most over the years is the reliability of the equipment. safety is the most important element of my job. it all comes down to training, training and more training for pilots. you need to stay healthy, too. when i’m home, i go to boot camp every day. anytime i fly to hong kong, i’ll take some of my crew on a hike to victoria peak.
pilots have an opportunity to see mother nature like no one else. it’s only when you’re flying that you realize how incredible the earth really is. you see a sunrise on the horizon, the stars and northern lights up close. when you’re looking down on land that you used to read about in the history books, it becomes real. most people imagine the world as large and endless, but a pilot sees it like a little ball from above. when i retire, it’s the people i’ll miss the most. you’re dealing with the crème de la crème in aviation. you’re part of a great family. - paul, boeing 777 captain, air canada
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‼️aoc special feature‼️ via @torontopearson ・・・
my name is damar and i’m a first officer flying the airbus a319/a321 for @aircanada rouge. my family is an immigrant family. we moved from jamaica when i was 3, and on our flight to canada, i got to see inside the cockpit of a boeing 747. it just blew me away, and i fell in love. ⁣

becoming a pilot wasn’t easy, but i had great parents, friends and mentors. i focused on being a good student but having great mentorship was the biggest thing. i joined the @rcaf_arc while in university. i’m very thankful to have served my country, showing gratitude for the opportunities that canada has given me. the military gave me the chance to fly and to see the world from the cockpit of a cc130j hercules. ⁣

after leaving the military, flying for @aircanada canada became my goal because it had always represented canada to me. graduating from the military flying program and earning my wings is a day i will never forget, but with air canada, i always remember the gratitude from our customers. that's a great feeling and it's a sense of accomplishment you get every single day, knowing that you did your job well. ⁣

for anyone who is interested in this career, never give up. some kids don’t see a person who looks like them in the job that they dream about. it may not be something they have access to in their community. showing children reflections of their future selves is critical to show what is possible. i had passion and a dream, but i also had a mentor that looked like me and he was able to encourage me throughout. regardless of where you’re from, whether male or female, if you work hard, you can be a pilot. - damar, first officer, air canada #peopleofpearson #blackhistorymonth #propellerproject

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Emma is a food, plant and animal sniffing dog. she and i completed ten weeks of training together before we started working at the airport.
we practice my ability to work with her, as well as refine emma’s skills with all the different odours. we’ll put different banned items in different kinds of suitcases or things that she hasn’t seen before, so that she can work on her skills. if there is something she’s having trouble picking up we can work on that. when you practice beforehand, you really see the results on the floor.
when emma is at work she’s happy to be there and it’s playtime for her, so it’s awesome working together. every time she gets a positive indication it is a proud moment for me. the other day she indicated on a piece of luggage and the traveller said there was nothing in there. the officer doing the search did a great job and ended up finding rooted plants, raw chicken meat and potatoes with soil and bugs on them.
those are serious risks to the canadian environment and emma prevented them from entering the country. it shows that all the work you put in to making a detector dog functional is paying off.
being able to see her personality grow and progress has been phenomenal too. when we aren’t at work she lives with me and has a kennel at my house with a dog run. in the cold weather she comes inside. - border services officer detector dog services handler ghanie, and his canine emma - canada border services agency #peopleofpearson #pearsonpov #nationaldogday #dogsofinstagram

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Queen of snow and ice! did you know that the state of the art central deicing facility at @torontopearson managed to service as much as 51 aircraft in an hour during december 2016? for a complete story see feb/mar 2018 issue of the @skiesmag #queenoftheskies #klm #boeing #747 #yyz #toronto #avgeek #avgeeks #planephotography #planespotting #spotting #aviationgeek #aviationdaily #planelovers #instaplane #instagramaviation #igaviation #boeinglovers #airbuslovers #aviation4u #planeporn #aviationphotography #megaplane #crewlife #pilotlife #cabincrew #airplanes #instaaviation #skiesmag #peopleofpearson

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“i’ve wanted to be a pilot ever since i was a little kid, and i’ve had that passion since i can remember. i was born in nepal but coming to canada when i was 15 helped make my dream come true. i’m the only one in my family who flies (except for my fiancé who is also a pilot), so while they may not quite understand everything i do when i tell them about my job, they still support what i’m doing. my fiancé has been the biggest supporter of my pilot career and is a big motivator for me to be able to pursue this path in aviation.⁣

as a woman in aviation, my advice for young females looking to get into the industry is if you have a passion to do something, go for it. and don't give up, because if you have the passion, the right attitude, and the right support, you will go a very long way. if you have that motivation, keep going and you'll be able to pursue anything you want.⁣

flying for me, it feels like a sanctuary. it's very peaceful up there, it's a bird's eye view that you get to see, and pictures do not do justice to what you get to see with the human eyes. it could be as simple as flying around the grand canyon or flying above the mountains near calgary. it's beautiful. even the sight of our home right here, being able to fly over the cn tower and the view of downtown toronto at night time is an exhilarating feeling and not everybody gets to see that view.⁣”
-kamana, training captain, @aircanada⁣

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“when it comes to safety, we think about family and others who would be affected if you got injured. to me, being safety-oriented could lead to prevention of injury or death. that motivates and drives me to keep doing what i’m doing. my responsibility as a safety program officer at toronto pearson is to provide safety oversight functions to maintain a secure environment for aircraft and personnel. i take great pride in this role, as i get to be part of a team that can positively influence the safety culture and helps implement positive change to create a safe working atmosphere for everyone involved. one upcoming safety initiative that i’m working on is our airside presence. we’re going to be driving airside, promoting safety. this project will allow us to observe driving habits, monitor compliance and identify existing and potential hazards. this way, we hope to promote safety and would be more than happy to speak to you, hear your feedback and answer any questions. you feel good when you see the numbers decreasing in terms of lost time injuries and when you know that the project or program you work on has resulted in positive change. for me that is the key. aviation has always been my passion. moving to canada was the first step to the realization of my dreams. from day one of the aviation safety program at seneca college, i knew this was going to be my lifelong career. between school and work, i was able to get my private pilot’s license, as well as do some aerobatic flight training.” - alexander, officer, toronto pearson safety program
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“as an @aircanada deicing coordinator, i lead a team of deicing inspectors to determine which aircraft need to go to toronto pearson’s central deicing facility (cdf) before take-off. we inspect every aircraft to determine whether they need to go to the cdf, depending on whether they have what we term “contamination”, which includes snow, frost or freezing rain.
our job comes down to the safety of our customers and our aircraft. as the temperature drops, there are a lot of factors that can create frost, snow, or ice on an aircraft. our deicing inspectors drive down the apron each morning and throughout the day to inspect our aircraft at the gates in the order that they depart. our vehicles have an inspection platform that gives the inspectors close access to the wing, allowing them to do what we call a “tactile”, which means they actually reach out and touch the wing to determine if and what contamination exists. the pilots make the final call for deicing, so i make sure they know if their aircraft is clean or what kind of contaminants it has.
deicing uses two different types of glycol fluid: type 1 and 4. type 1 is orange and is heated to a certain temperature. it’s used to remove contamination from the surface of an aircraft. type 4 is green and stops more snow or ice from accumulating after the type 1 application. inspectors carry type 1 fluid in their vehicles and might do small frost sprays at the gate. if the contamination is thicker than an inspector can handle, it goes to the cdf to be sprayed down. my role is to prioritize the order in which our flights must go to the cdf.
when deicing, no two days are ever alike because everything depends on the weather. we’re talking with our operations centre, flight dispatch, the central deicing facility and our pilots. we know that if we delay an aircraft now, we delay the customers on that flight, which can have a chain effect. we avoid that whenever possible, but always ensuring safety is our number one priority, every day. - bruno, deicing coordinator, air canada

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