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You'll be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end.

top left photo: a photo of me unable to breathe, eat and drink supported by machines and drips to keep my body alive. *between the top two photos i had the worst day of my life.

it was the day i was put into a wheelchair for the first time. for the first time in nearly two months i saw my reflection. but it was not me.
i saw a razor thin young, weak man, completely lost in his bulky wheelchair. there was a tube in his throat helping him breath and he could not move.
i had lost 4 stone (25kg) and was not the man i once was. i was scared, and suddenly, when i got back to my room everything, the magnitude of my helplessness hit me. i broke down. the reality of how the rest of my life would be, had been shown to me in that reflection.
i cried into my mums comforting shoulder, just wanting to be able to hug her, and i couldn't even do that!
that day i continually broke down again, with uncontrollable tears saying over and over 'why me? why me?'
as hard as it was, it was a day i needed. a day in which all my fears and helplessness could be released through my tears. tears tell the truth. it was at this point in my life that i thought to myself,

there is no point being sad or angry, i have no one to blame for what has happened. i may as well just get on with it. being challenged in life is inevitable, but being defeated is optional.* top right photo: my first day home. in a wheelchair that needed a high back to support me, a chest strap because i had no ability to balance and armrests for even more support. but i was working hard to push myself to do as much always focusing on what i could do.

the bottom two photos are me now painting with my mouth and me sitting with my artwork and wearing my artwork.

my movement may not be hugely different from those early days but that doesn't matter. i can still push myself to stay as strong as possible. i may not be able to use my hands to create my art but we have to accept and adapt to life's challenges.

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