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Sorry guys, posting again with better quality 😊 enjoy ♥️

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#watchvideo this is cuteness #haniaamir and #asimazhar showing major #pda at #fpwss19 walking the ramp for #zainabchottani 🔥
#styleforwardpicks 💯

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Murmelmittwoch 😅
melde mich auch mal wieder. (bild ist 3 tage alt)
sind immer noch im krankenhaus respektiv seit gestern (12.03.19) um 19:00 im kreisssaal.
habe in der vergangenen nacht richtig krasse wehen. habe es aber fertig gebracht jede einzelne wehe zu veratmen und zu vertönen.
habe mich nie verkrampft 💪🏻trotzdem war heute morgen mein muttermund immer noch auf 3-4 cm.
damit ich keine schmerzen mehr habe und bei gelegenheit trotzdem noch mal ein bischen schlafen kann bekam ich eine pda.
09:00 haben sie die pda gelegt und 12:00 haben die mich untenrum untersucht und muttermund ist bei 5 cm.
leuteeeeee 5 cm 😍😍😍 das heisst die hälfte ist geschafft.
für die ersten 5 cm dauert es immer recht lange und für die restlichen 5 cm braucht man nicht mehr so lange.
die hebamme meinte sogar das die kleine am 13.03.19 (heute) kommt. ich hoffe es sehr 😍❤️
mein freund holt mir jetzt noch ein paar früchte und dann wird meinen muttermund wieder kontrolliert.
wenn sich was getan hat, dann wird meine fruchtblase gesprengt 😍👍🏻 und dann kann es richtig los gehen. (schaut in meiner story vorbei)❤️
#pda #geburt #esgehtlos
#endlich #ssw39

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"i wanna heal, i wanna feel like i'm close to something real,
i wanna find something i've wanted all along,
somewhere i belong." - linkin park
i have been watching from a distance my entire life. trying to find somewhere to belong. trying to fit. but i don't think i'm meant to fit into this puzzle.
i once thought being able to name it, this feeling of being misplaced in every social situation, would make a difference.
and it did; until i realised, i was just as much an outsider among my own kind as anywhere else.
i could understand why i felt like an outsider among people of a different social language. but why did i have to feel like this among my own kind too? ~
now i know why.
i'm not only a part of a minority. i'm a part of a minority inside a minority. and i have never met or heard about someone like me. it's like being the only one left of your kind.
but this small community has taught me, that being alone doesn't have to mean that you're all by yourself.
so i would like to know: can any of you relate to any of this? ~

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An iranian couple have been arrested after a video showing them getting engaged in a shopping mall in front of a cheering crowd in the city of arak went viral. police arrested the couple, who can be seen standing in a heart-shaped ring of flower petals, for offending islamic principles of public decency. they were later released on bail, according to the guardian. police officials told local media that the couple had been detained for “outraging public decency, which is an influence of the degenerate western culture” and had been taken into custody due to public demand. gender mixing is forbidden in iran and public displays of affection are severely restricted due to the country’s islamic laws. (📹: hassanvand / twitter)
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Never mind i think i’ll just stay home #costanzagrams

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