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Have you ever been on a muddy and wet takeoff, where you did not like to lay out your beloved glider? @shahin.ebrahimy found a solution!

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Never regret a day in your life – good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days give memories 💫

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@chickenwingsparagliding thank you so much for sending me this super nice memories of one of my favorite flights of last year ivo 🌅

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@roanravenwolf flying with @cyncurriebird at @montereyskysports .

roan started paragliding in april of 2018 at monterey sky sports in monterey, california. his partner, cyn, is a paragliding instructor with over 16 years of flying experience.
he flys in the doubleback harness designed by ruffwear, a strength-rated belay harness that is designed to safely lift and lower dogs in exposed areas while providing an increased level of safety, comfort and convenience for both the dog and human. it is strength-rated to 2,000 lbf or 8.9 kn.
roan was introduced to paragliding slowly, very similarly to how humans are introduced to the sport. he came out and observed paragliders launching and flying around the dunes of monterey for weeks before taking his first tandem flight. .
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