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A rose from my mother’s garden..

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Wooooohooooo!!! we are trying something new this weekend!!! our own little “marriage retreat.” we won’t be backpacking or sleeping in our hammocks... but we rented a little cabin in the woods and the plan is to schedule out our weekend as if we are at camp! you know, something like 7:30am breakfast, personal devotions, 9-11 session 1, afternoon activity, dinner and s’mores over a fire at night! ha! well, something like that. rich is planning most of it and he’s got a pile of books and lots of material to listen to and discuss. i’m meal planning ahead so we don’t have to cook a lot while we are there. having a structured little getaway is brand new to us and i’m really excited to learn, grow, have intentional conversation, pray together, and read the word in the woods ✨ what are some of your favorite ways to weekend get away?! do you like structure? do you read? plan activities? if you’ve been on a personal retreat before, what were some of your favorite aspects about the retreat?

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Look at this cheeky little gopnik #го́пник

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"when we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe" ❤🌿

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My soul is in the sky.
william shakespeare

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💫everyone has a powerful light within themselves, you just need to decide to let it shine.

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We’re often so focused on arriving at a final destination that we forget to enjoy the beauty of the journey. driving along highway 101 is a great reminder that there’s plenty of beauty to be admired along the way ✌🏼
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Mount baker. i need an another adventure soon! 🏞

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