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This waterfaüss did in fact rip. hard. 🌊

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"just stand on the tip, just to see how it feels"
photo by: @danmaniel

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All the comforts of home // @townsendvans

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Каждый год радуюсь лего, как мой младший брат

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After the record breaking snow we received i was happy for skiing but discouraged in finding bubbles this year. with a little luck and some open water still freezing we found what we were looking for!

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Road views that only exist in your dreams...and jackson hole! 🌄 — #staywild 📸: @davidmrule
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seeking the unseen. living among the wild.
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Que será, será. whatever will be, will be
we have been having amazing weather here lately…all the feelings of spring are just around the corner. 🧡 this @loft sweater colour definitely has all the spring vibes but also cozy enough for winter temperatures + can we talk about these jeans which i bought in duplicate because they fit just right. am i the only one that needs a spare of their favourite jeans? 🧡 #loveloftca #loftpartner 📷 @itsbigben

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