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Couldn’t wait to wear this combo together—heavily inspired by a similar all-green outfit i saw on one of my style icons, @othercreatures. this is my third time wearing this two days off top and i love it more each time i wear it.

image description: i’m taking a full-length mirror selfie. i’m barefoot, as always, and i’m wearing an all-green tonal outfit: pleated trousers in deep olive green linen and an oversized grassy-green linen top that’s partially tucked at the front. i’m also wearing delicate silver earrings.

#ootd @twodaysoffclothing olivia top in cactus
@elizsuzann andy trousers in olive linen
@seaworthypdx amor earrings
#elizabethsuzann #esstyled #ootdinfluencedby

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Today’s outfit is #ootdinfluencedby @mayetteraisa from a couple weeks back. i put her story in my story; did i get the pose right? 😉
outfit and cpw:
@ayr riser jeans, cpw $10 - !! these are approaching one wear per week since i got them!
@amourvert joline yellow tee, cpw $19
@koio sneakers, cpw $19
#stylediary #stylediaries #everydaystyle #curatedcloset #consciouscloset #responsiblestyle #curatedstyle #atxstyle #atxstyleblogger #discoverunder2k #yellowoutfit #warmaesthetic #ayrgirls

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Someone made their first dress 🖤 this is the #maynarddress by @elbe_textiles — it’s a zero waste pattern (if you manage to find the right fabric width (i didn’t), and didn’t buy an extra 20cm in length like i did due to shrinkage paranoia... but hey! more scraps for quilting). churned out most of it during a long weekend in april which was immensely satisfying at first, but my wonky top-stitching at the shoulders were pissing me off, so i redid almost everything 🔥🙃🔥 i made this version in black linen as a wearable muslin, so there will be more in the future 🍂🌲🤔 pattern notes & mods are in the comments!

#sewqueer #sewnonbinary #elbetextiles psa: wearing a dress does not give you the right to refer to me (or anyone else who *looks female* or wears a dress, for that matter) with feminine pronouns, unless we’re at work / around my family and my safety is an issue. please respect my pronouns — they/them. dresses were made to be worn by all genders since the beginning of clothed civilization and you shouldn’t s**t on and/or misgender people who choose to wear them, regardless of how they identity. thank you @rebecca.wilova for reminding me!!!

#ootdinfluencedby @thecolourmustard, who made this before me and provided many tipz bc i am woefully inexperienced and holy hell this is actually an actual full-body garment thank you k for entertaining the 10 billion questions i asked 🖤

[image description: a l is wearing a black wrap dress (which is longer than what they usually wear due to their short stature. there are two pictures of them standing against a white wall, with grey concrete floors, and covering their face / looking away from the camera, and another where they’re standing against a backdrop of tall shrubs in huge rectangular planters on rollers, with a flare of light. the dress is the main point of this post, not their face, but they’ve included evidence of their derp inability to pose for ~*serious*~ photos. a l is also wearing a checkered hat and black boots with no laces.]

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I got a new dress. this is at the end of the work day, so wrinkles. but i wanted to illustrate my love for the asawa belts and an interesting fact about the georgia midi sizing. and a different option wearing the olive with the terra.
this is an osm even though if i compare my measurements with a suggested size, i'd be an os. but i love how this looks for work and with the belts. (the hem is a bit narrow to run in 😂)
check last photo for great earrings @candid_art
even though i already had this on when i saw @the_professor_is_wearing post, i'd say she often fits #ootdinfluencedby --thank you @mombasics for the hashtag.
#elizabethsuzann georgia midi, clyde jacket, clyde trench and 2 asawa belts
#ootd #slowfashion #10x10friends #middleyearsmonday #esstyled does this qualify for #potatosacksisterhood ? #fashionover60

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Warm enough today for a walk without an outer layer. i’m a little slow on the uptake, as i generally ‘browse’ instagram with my private account, but i’ve been enjoying catching up on the #ootdinfluencedby tag. so many of the people whose style inspires me most aren’t influencers — they’re you, dressing for real life (often mom life), thrifting and making and saving up for investment pieces that you wear and care for with love and thoughtfulness.
> @laurenwinter.co mesa top in clay tencel
> @aceandjig eileen skirt in mardi gras
> @trippen.official bare shoes
#ethicalfashion #ethicalootd #ethicalmyway #laurenwinter #aceandjig #aceandjigfriends #aceandjigcommunity

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I woke up with a mild cold this morning, so i’ve been in my pjs knitting on the couch for most of the day, but since it’s one of the last days for me to finish up a couple of projects at the pottery studio, i’m summoning the energy to go do a little work. this #memademay2019 outfit is influenced by my friend @asheleyvn, who posted a story of her wearing a gorgeous shawl with her blue @po.em_ tunic this morning. 💙 it’s in the high 50s today in chicago, which is perfect weather for a lightweight shawl like my beloved #findyourfadeshawl by @dreareneeknits.

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1st of may 2019. taking the lead from @lily_lagenlook - today’s #ootdinfluencedby @tiddlybing - a person who knows how to wear dungarees with effortless style. i forget that white is an option that adults can wear without getting mucky👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 (we’ll see how that pans out). #whatwomenactuallywear #whatimwearingnow #instaoutfits #lucyandyak #fashionover40 #dungarees4life #dungareesday #ootd #outfitdiary

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#ootdinfluencedby fiddler on the roof and all my ancestors who rocked the headscarves.
id: me, looking so fine, in a raw silk eggshell georgia dress, size os by @elizsuzann, @blockshoptextiles sunwave tomato scarf in a more traditional jewish style, clog boots by @sandgrens at drybar nyc

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Welcoming my dear co-worker's first grandchild with my 2nd sewing project. this is leftover linen from my first project (#tunicno1 ).
can't wait to see it on ila grace.
pattern: #sewnlayettepattern from @purlsoho
fabric: linen bought from @purlsoho #libertybiasbinding
#slowfashion #babyootd #sewistsofinstagram #memade #purlsohobusyhands
#ootdinfluencedby @theladywholunches and @brandikoz

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