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My cloth – my comfort. clothes are not about brand, cut, pattern or color combination, clothes are about feelings. i always tell that clothes we wear have to have only a positive impact on us and our psychical experience while wearing them is very important.

if you are the one who feels that a tiny corset dress is just an instrument of torture and level of your pain tolerance is definitely too low for it, then you probably are the one who never sacrifices the comfort.
i am really sure that there are lots of people who wish their everyday clothes were just as comfortable as their pajama – something that is easy to pull on or layer, elastic waistbanded, soft, wrinkled and relaxed and that allows them to unwind.

and yes, it is all about the comfort my dearest friends.

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Hi, friends. it’s get to know you again time. i’m rachel denbow, fiber artist, author, project designer, teacher, and stylist. i have always looked for the potential in the run down, tired, and forgotten things and get most energized when i’ve solved a problem creatively. i’m forgetful and i feel things deeply. i have often felt bad for how indecisive i can be on the big stuff but last summer i realized my role in life isn’t to be firmly planted on one side of an issue as much as to be the one that can move between, hear, hold space, and understand so that conversations can happen between sides. a translator of sorts. still figuring out what that looks like. ☀️ i’ve been an athlete, volunteer, english teacher to migrant workers, resident assistant, and army wife. i was married for sixteen years and am co-parenting our three kids with my soon to be ex-husband. life has been intense these last few years and weaving has been one of the major tools i’ve used to keep moving forward. i have traveled the country teaching people to use a frame loom and natural fibers to connect with themselves creatively, have authored a best selling weaving book, have made some of the kindest fiber friends, and have learned how valuable this medium is to my health and my sense of community. ☀️ i am a good question asker in person but terrible at remembering jokes. i’ve never been successful at giving up sugar. i will always stop to pick wildflowers for my dye pots. there’s a lot of california in my heart. ☀️ .
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Happy about catkins and pancakes, weather forecast for next week (sunshine!), this #notperfectlinen dress i basically live in, evening walk with family, going to a hairdresser tomorrow and these new birkenstock's i finally decided to get 🖤

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Sleeves island. i have always been one to procrastinate on sleeves. there is no logical reason but something happens when i start to knit the sleeves of a sweater, my mind wanders to the next project and i find myself casting on something new. does this ever happen to you? .
i am knitting love note by @tincanknits in la bien aimée la belle époque merino singles & mohair silk in winter. i opted for the cropped version which layers perfectly over my smock dress from @notperfectlinen. .
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“that color looks so great on you!” we’ve all said or heard those words at one time or another. sometimes it happens when the color compliments your eyes. other times, it’s because you’ve strikingly paired two colors to make a unique color combination.
color holds power and that power is the strongest when we use complementary colors for an outfit. that means pairing high-contrast hues that create a visual dissonance. when the eye can’t flow from one color to another it stops and really looks.

the color wheel itself is objective but color matching is subjective and personal. that’s why we have a spectrum of colors you can use to create your own extraordinary color combinations.

it’s not about “being a fashionista.” it’s about having fun. ( inspirational photos from @pinterest, sadly just made a screenshot and haven’t saved🤦‍♀️)

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Don’t let the name fool you - @notperfectlinen clothing is actually perfect. made to order from oeko-tex certified, biodegradable linen, npl is a brand i come back to again and again. i’ve been wearing their clothes for three years and counting and everything still looks fantastic—probably because linen is one of the most durable and seasonally versatile fabrics out there! and with so many beautiful colors to choose from and free custom alterations to their pieces, there’s somethin for everyone 😍 this is not sponsored, just peppered with enthusiasm! .
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Finally got my hubby to snap of shot of me in my soldotna. this spring has been quite cool compared to other years but i don’t mind because it’s meant i can still wear my knitted sweaters. seriously, soldotna + the weekender + tegna on repeat. i love it!
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Have you wished your everyday clothes were just as comfortable as your pajamas? something that is easy to pull on, elastic waistbanded, soft and relaxed and that allows you to unwind. we are going outside and i don’t think we will ever come back. (lou is wearing davos top in aqua green and our loose pants in beige).

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