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Happy thursday #kingsandqueens : swipe••• time for our weekly #africantribe . #fulani is an ethnic group residing in many countries of west africa. they are concentrated principally in #nigeria 🇳🇬 , #mali 🇲🇱 , #guinea 🇬🇳 , #cameroon🇨🇲 #senegal🇸🇳 and #niger🇳🇪 though they are also spread throughout #mauritania 🇲🇷 , the #gambia 🇬🇲 , #sierra leone 🇸🇱 , #burkina faso 🇧🇫 , guinea bissau , #côte d'ivoire 🇨🇮 , #togo 🇹🇬 #central african republic 🇨🇫 , #ghana 🇬🇭 , #chad 🇹🇩 #liberia 🇱🇷 and as far as #sudan 🇸🇩 in the east. they refer to themselves as ful or fulbe and are also called peul. the fulani are the largest #nomadic group of people in the #world and have played an influential role in politics, economics, and religion throughout western africa for over a thousand years. historically, the fulani played a significant role in the rise and fall of ancient african empires such as the ghana empire, the mali empire, songhai, and the mossi states. the fulani were the first group of west africans to convert to islam, and they played a principal role in the spread of islam throughout west africa. the fulani follow a code of behavior known as pulaaku,consisting of the qualities of patience, self control, discipline, prudence, modesty, respect for others (including foes), wisdom, forethought, personal responsibility, hospitality, courage, and hard work. origins••• the original fulani people were of north african or middle eastern origin. as such, they had lighter skin, thinner lips, and straighter hair, and are referred to by many africans as "white people." current fulani peoples contain a large number of people from diverse backgrounds who became a part of the fulani through conquest and religious conversion. following islamic conquest in the 1800s, non-islamic fulani eventually joined ranks with their fellows to form an extensive and powerful empire do you know any #fulani's? #hamamatafrica

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Summer 2011 i was out on maui with my cousin who lives there for the second summer in a row. we had a blast hitch hiking hana, sleeping on red sands, sun bathing on little beach, and just eating all the warm banana bread and pineapples. - we hiked up country a bit one day to a waterfall. there were some other people there and i noticed a group of guys had scaled up the wall to the top to jump off. i didn't hesitate to begin my ascent. i was almost to the top of the 40ft cliff when the slippery surface and cascading water didn't leave enough room for me to grab a good hold. i tumbled down and knocked my head on the way. a man jumped in and pulled me to shore and i seized up. i'm sure i frightened my cousin enough that she almost passed out, as my eyes rolled back into my head and i shook momentarily. - i feel like i can remember her scream but it was far away, i was floating somewhere else. - the whole experience was over quickly and i came to but they had already called 911 in the process. the next thing i knew i was being medevac'd over the jungle to the nearest hospital. - apparently down below it had started to pour rain and our swimming hole was filling up fast. fire fighters had climbed up with a rope, attaching it to trees for support to safely get everyone out of what was quickly becoming a mud slide. - i got a cat scan and seemed all good, thankfully, but i haven't been nearly as keen to climb, especially rocks, since that incident. heights in general have given me more hesitation since i've witnessed what a fall can do. - being brave is one thing but being completely devoid of fear can be dangerous. i've thought a lot about that in my life as i believe i was fearless for a large part of my younger years. - these days i appreciate the moment of pause i've acquired to access a situation. i feel stronger and more confident having a better concept of my own strengths and weaknesses. and fear, well a little of that isn't so bad after all... - #climbon - @aloyoga

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Grateful that places like this exist // thanks machu picchu for opening my heart and showing me that the experience is the most important part of the journey.

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Sorry guys... i am a bit annoying, but i loved this place so much, i can't stop thinking about it ❤️

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It's been an exhausting/exciting/productive/whirlwind trip to nyc (want to see what i was up to?check out @awakenstudio_nyc recent post... happy birthday to them/us! 🎉) but i'm back on a plane to ky and very soon... back to the land of pura vida. 🏄🏻🦋🌺

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People tell us.."you're so lucky you get to see all these amazing things." this is not luck. this is hard work, dedication to our dreams and action taking. _ we're creating the change that we wanted to see in ourselves and in our environment. _ if you want to create that same change and you're a motivated action taker then click the link my bio and begin defining your destiny.

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During my daily beach walks in mazunte i think a lot of all the places where we've been the past 9 months in mexico. every place brought us beautiful memories and different life lessons. traveling makes us happy and more aware of who we are and what we want to be ❤why do you travel?... #beachwalk #lifestylechange #followyourdreams #wanderlust #traveltheworld #befree #doyoutravel

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Pinball wizard

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Fluorite & calcite stacked pendant. $23.00 shipping included. sent on an adjustable cotton cord. dm to inquire. #nomadicadornments #nomadic #nomadicsoul #blue #green #greenfluorite #bluecalcite #fluorite #calcite #crystal #hippie #rock #witch #pagan #wire #copper #wrapped #wirewrappedjewelry #wirewrap #wirewrapped

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"where are you going?" "everywhere," he said with a smile. #wanderlustgeneration

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It was so hot this evening that i made calls and caught up on whatsapp messages by the pool at my friend's house. the only casualty from my last climb was hurting my big toe, hence why it is badly bruised, but will be fine before i climb kilimanjaro next month! #wonderlife #wonderhunters #explorer #adventurer #travel #worldtour #roadtrip #ontheroad #nomadic #minimalist #journey #wanderlust #outdoors #nature #passion #sevensummits #inspiration #love #life #spiritual #gratitude #fitforlife #vegan #hot #sunshine #healthylifestyle #poolside #feet #climbing #tan

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Never stop exploring. ⛺️

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Nomadic. period. new blog. oliviapavlov.com/blog #nomadic #blog #nomadlife #nomadicliving #bemobile #detach

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Kauai has "ruined" a lot of things for me. one of them being spearfishing. i don't think i could ever spearfish any place but kauai after having done it here. the vibe, landscape, water, the variety of fish species, running into eels and turtles...going to be pretty tough to beat. --------------------------- #travel #wanderlust #world #international #veteran #vetsrising #flights #nomadic #landscape #nature #culture #experience #journey #explore #traveller #nomad #explorer #adventure #iamtb #kauai #hawaii #hilife #islandlife #spearfishing #adventure #dieliving

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