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I lived in cannes, france for a few months during the film festival in the summer of ‘13. i had a small room on the fourth floor and an even smaller balcony but to have that in such a place, at such a time, was a blessing, and i knew it. i was doing a couple of jobs at the time, one that had brought me there, and one that would sometimes pay for enough food for me to eat for the day. mostly, i walked up to the spar and found cheap pre-made meals that had been discounted, as they were yesterday’s. i found a gym that i really liked and that almost never used their upstairs yoga studio and i spent all the time i could there in-between driving around in a mini cooper with a real estate agent from sotheby’s and trying to hustle a yacht gig down on the small dock. mostly, i observed the bustle of the event coming into town. i was pretty happy to be on the sidelines with a birdseye view even if i didn’t get to eat paella at all the french bistros every night. i have always enjoyed just being where i am with no real need to do more than that, especially when i’ve lived or traveled abroad. i liked who i was becoming on the road at this point as well. i liked that my focus was more spot on, it had to be. i liked that i stayed alert and tried new things and just experimented with life, in a way i couldn’t do at home. i didn’t feel the need to do a million things at once like i did back in la. i wasn’t being pulled in several directions by everyone that knew me because it was mostly just me out there, on my own. the road gave me passion, in my opinion. it allowed me the time and space to cultivate a burning desire to live fully.... - 📸: @kungfunerd - 👙: @freedombeachwear

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We took a broken electric juicer, built a wooden frame for it and upcycled it into a van friendly manual one🕺#doesthejob #savesapenny

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Sydney, australia tag who you’d explore with! photo @theinkedshooter all rights belong to their owner© tag @thefreelifetravel all of your travel videos and photos to have a chance to be featured

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I’m not sure if you guys could tell but i really, like really, really, enjoyed this past weekend. from the crisp fall weather to the toasty saturday sun to the bell tower to the four loko to the awards banquet to the baby date, i’m pretty sure it was my favorite weekend thus far this year. everything about it breathed fulfillment into my heart. it brought my life full circle as i get ready for my next crazy adventure, reminding me the different places in which my roots are planted. that even when i live 15 hours away, home will always be where my people are. my sisters. my squad. my crew. my community. from dallas to colorado to indiana to illinois to portland to new york, my roots are planted in the people and not the places. they are planted in the memories and the progress. the heartbreaks and the setbacks. the change and the expansion. each root of mine digs deep into their hearts, their love, and their support. no matter where this world takes me, i will always find home with those who continue to hold me in the dark and celebrate me in the light.

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We have a table!! i can’t even tell you how excited i am 🙌🏼🙌🏼🤗🤓😛🖤🖤🌵🚌

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Há lugares que por uma razão desconhecida te prendem e não te deixam ir embora. e foi assim que virei parte da estatística de uma das 3 mentiras mais contadas em bocas del toro: “me voy mañana”. fui por duas noites e já se foram 2 meses e meio. (acho que já vi esse filme). o arquipélago me mostrou um panamá que não conhecia e entrou para minha lista de lugares magicos. são 5 ilhas, cada uma com uma vida e energia própria. é só pegar um taxi (leia-se barco) e curtir o mar caribenho (e os golfinhos) até chegar na isla que mais se adeque ao seu mood: surf, selva, mergulho, bagunça ou relax. passei a maior parte do tempo em bastimentos, entre selva, mar, bichos preguiça, macacos, aves e sapos mágicos. em qualquer das ilhas, a fauna surpreende e os sorrisos te marcam. vou com o com o coração apertado e com saudades da família panamenha, mas a jornada continua. gracias por tanto, bocas. nos vemos pronto. 💙🌐🏝 #inquietudeminha #bocasdeltoro #panama #gopro #digitalnomad #centralamerica #bluffbeach #explore #experience #nomadic

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Living in a rolling home has been the best life decision i've ever made. it doesn't matter if i'm traveling weeks on end on the open road, or if i'm settled down working a job in victoria; nancy jean is my home. life with her will always be an adventure:🌲 📸 @jeffduke_ via @clarissakiing + follow @camper.lifestyle + #vanlifemagazine

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We never really get sick of lounging here, sipping cocktails, smoking hubbly bubbly watching the sun go down with this view of the red sea 🌊 ✨🕌#eatfouleveryday

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Exploring historic rt66 this evening, in williams arizona ♡

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Our gracious host, jodi invited us to her vacation rental in sedona for a vegan conference she was presenting her vegan cheese: @virgincheese at. we were in a remote cabin near beautiful plateaus and rock formations. #sedona #sedonavortex #vortex #desertlife #desert #vegan #vegancheese #veganfood #arizona #cabin #ladiesnight #ladiesweekend #nomadlife #nomad #nomadic #russiangirl #russian #russianwoman #russianfriends #roadtrip #organic #organicfood

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This is a photo i took while driving down the road during our travels ♡ tomorrow we are back on the road again..to a new place with new adventures, and another step in this journey the lord has blessed upon us. the grand canyon didn't go as planned unfortunately, life happen 😂 we did manage to get out this evening and make some memories while at this beautiful location. ♡♡♡♡

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'tis almost the season for binge eating sugar cookies and downing dark and stromies. if any of these four goals resonate with you, let's chat about change. dm me to learn more ✌

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Welp, it has rave reviews on yelp. next time i’m on the neighborhood, i’ll be stopping in 👌🏼 @pizzanpoke

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There are something you can learn in a storm #nacpan #beach #elnido #palawan #philippines

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Settling in on our 10th move in 29 years of marriage, this spoke to me today 🤔😊 be open to where life leads you 🙌🏻#adventureawaits #whereyouleadiwillfollow #nomadic #bebold #lifeexperiences

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Faces - walking down the street in akureyri iceland.

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