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🌩🌩🌩 ..... @richardflarehughes the talented photographer

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Happy h**p day b***s 🍑
i wanna be honest with you guys. i had to stop myself from editing my cellulite in this photo because it’s one of my biggest insecurities and always has been. but i pride myself on being honest, raw and real on ig and i don’t want to promote unrealistic standards that we have become accustomed to as a society. it’s (almost) everywhere you look. seemingly ‘perfect’ bodies with zero cellulite, tanned skin, sharp abdominals and zero body fat?? the sad reality is, most of what you see on social media and magazines etc are altered in some way to some extent. 🦋🦋🦋
with the likes of facetune and photoshop in the palm of our hands, influencers have the ability to create a ‘perfect’ image of themselves. i’ve seen a lot of it lately and it kinda makes me sad. i get it though and society doesn’t help by the constant plastering these perfect images of people everywhere. but i’m over it. i’m over feeling insecure about something that society has made “ugly”. my cellulite is just another part of my body. i eat well and exercise regularly and that’s all that matters. it’s controlled mostly by genetics and the make up of the female body. 🦋🦋🦋
the female body is incredible and i’m so over feeling insecure about it. learning to love my body for everything that she is, including my cellulite and larger legs is the best thing i’ve ever done. if you have cellulite, stretch marks or any other “insecurity” that society makes us see as “ugly” i want you to tell yourself you’re a boss a*s baddie and you’re beautiful just the way you are. because you are just that, beautiful!

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