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I couldn’t decide if i should talk about my business goals for 2019, some random fun facts about myself, or my current harry potter obsession. but instead, i had something on my heart recently and felt like i needed to share.

here it is: there’s room enough for everybody. if you allow yourself to lengthen your table and pull up more chairs, there will be room enough for everyone to sit down. we get so worried and consumed with the idea of scarcity. scarcity of talent, money, praise, work, spotlight, success, and so on, but i’m telling you, there’s more than enough to go around. if you’re going to sit here and feel jealous, frustrated, and discouraged at what everyone else has or does, you’re forgetting that there’s plenty of room for you right up over there with them. and if you’re already ‘up there’ looking at others and saying ‘they can’t touch me,’ then you’re not pulling up those chairs. you’re pulling them out from under people. we are scared to see other people succeeding at what we do, but hello, their success will not take away from yours! i’m not the first to say any of this, and i’ve heard some amazingly passionate creatives speak on this, but it just hit me hard recently.

people make fun of others who are starting out in a new industry, they mock them for trying to make something of themselves, they call them out for being different or weird or not just staying silent. and all i want to say is please don’t ever stay silent. find the table that welcomes you in with open arms and forget the tables that only have a seat for one. scarcity is a mindset, and there is so much of everything you want to go around. i challenge you not to judge someone just because they’re trying. you were probably there once. you were looking for that long table once. you needed that person to pull up the chair for you. if you’re doing you, focusing on your goals and your passions, staying in your lane and working hard, it should never matter what everyone else is doing around you. i just think it’s important and powerful to support the people around you instead of trying to be be better than them. i just think we’re so much stronger together.

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Happy birthday to my ace @simplymoii_ ♠️ 🎉🎁🥳 🎈🎂 !! swipe left!

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Y e s t e r d a y ✨ with @thebackstageblonde 📷 photo by @caitlinmcneilage

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12 days til christmas🌲🎅🏻
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Looking back on some weddings i photographed from years ago... sarah & cody’s wedding was a favorite ♥️

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I grew up in a fast growing texas town with plenty of targets, well rated schools, countless mcmansions, and no shortage of both chain & fusion restaurants. everything was shiny and new. i’m so thankful for 16 years of moving around the country and the opportunity to discover what makes me feel safe and happy. this little imperfectly perfect town of cape may is the first place that really felt like home and i’m so grateful for that. ❤️

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