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Bang for your buck ⁣
one my early lenses was the nikkor af-s 300mm f/4 d if-ed. it was relatively cheap, so light, easy to use, sharp and extremely versatile. this image of a common emigrant is a testament to that versatility. for a 300mm prime lens it had an extremely close minimum focus distance of approximately 5' (1.5m). there aren't too many lenses out there that can provide a prime telephoto experience while still allowing you to shoot that close. i miss having this lens around! - zhayynn james⁣

photo by: @zhayynnjamesphotography⁣

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The king of the lakes.

king of the lakes is a title given to the soverign ruler of the lake area - padam talao, malik talao, and rajbagh talao, one of the finest preybases of ranthambore tr and an erstwhile hunting ground of the maharajas.

only the best of the best tigers get to rule this territory. and each invents his own gameplan here.

genghis, one of the foremost rulers pioneered the art of hunting sambhars in the lake area. his successor kublai went a step further and could even swim through the mugger-infested lakes with a sambhar kill.

a new era in the lake kingdom started with machli jr. who wouldn't tolerate males in her kingdom. her son, jhumroo (one of the largest) and called lord of lakes was driven out of the kingdom by her. and the son from the penultimate litter, bahadur was tolerated for a much longer time (even when machli delivered the ultimate litter of sundari, baghani and krishna). with sundari and krishna posing challenges to the aging queen, machli, she had to forgo her territory. in the meanwhile, star has already appeared on the scene, notorious for stealing kills made the females, but machli jr. is a force to be reckoned with. she fought valiantly like a male, against the males, particularly star.

dollar too appeared on the scene, but star ruled the lake kingdom for the greatest time than any other male.

an aging star too was dethroned by a young turk - mirza (who is the son of bahadur). mirza, an aggressive tiger also bundled pacman, the crown prince of star's territory.

the tiger warfare worsened with the entry of chirico (great-grandson of machli) but chirico managed to oust mirza.

a shy and a rarely seen tiger, the young chirico also became a force to reckon with when he ousted another challenger, toofan, thus claiming the title - 'king of the lakes'. #ranthambore #tiger #reserve
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