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“autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” 🍂

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Don’t miss @behindthescenesnyc’s latest video, where founder @feparonetto1 showcases amazing outdoor activities in nyc. thanks again for coming out with us and featuring @seathecity! 😎

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A little city in the country 💛

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“. . you know a wise man once said nothing at all . . .”

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How many times have you said "i wish i could just wear my havaianas tonight".. well now you can because these babies can be dressed up or down!! 😍😍😍💎💎💎
the perfect christmas gift too 🎄
afterpay available within australia and layby available world wide 👌👌

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A very sad day in punk history
early monday morning on october 16, 2006, the punk rock venue cbgb officially closed its doors after a long fought battle between the club founder, hilly kristal, and venue’s landlords

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Thermodynamically speaking, food is the noblest art form. all the craftsmanship aside, which is to brush off quite a lot already, it is only the artworks of culinary design that so quickly and easily and routinely crumble away, molecule by molecule by molecule.
it is the most beautiful flash of negative entropy in the universe. it is the genius of banksy's shredding, the tragedy of brazil's burning museum, the rhapsody of ligands binding receptors, a waltz of subcellular proportions that fuels a zap of electricity, all to jolt the mind to make a single exclamation: "mmmm!"

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