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Imagine this: you save up tons of money, you quit your job, and go on an epic adventure around the world. you visit the wonders of the world 🌎 ; you eat croissants in paris 🥐, pizza in italy 🍕, sushi in japan 🍣, and beer at oktoberfest 🍻; sometimes you sleep in a van 🚐and sometimes you stay in 5-star luxury resorts 🤩; you meet a whole bunch of interesting people along the way who become a part of your travel story. you take beautiful photos every single day of everything you’re experiencing 📸.
.... and then......
your hard drive with all of your memories on it crashes. ☠️ well folks, believe it or not, this is my reality right now. 4tb (yes, that’s terabytes! ) of my most precious memories has vanished. after days of nonstop crying, ive brought it to a data recovery lab who will hopefully deliver the good news that the data can be recovered. too bad they quoted me $1650 😭 but to me, there really is no price you can put to these amazing memories i’ve made during my travels.
moral of the story: backup regularly; keep backups of your backups; upload to the cloud ☁️ guard your external hard drives with your life because those things are fragile as shit. make sure it never is in a dusty area, or an area where it can be bumped or knocked.
at least i have this gorgeous bag to carry to help me forget my pain! a sustainably handmade bag by none other by the beautiful women of @artisansofiq 👜!

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Rome’s great gladiatorial arena is the most thrilling of the city's ancient sights 🔥
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photo by @donquiellumbera_

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Waking up with an incredible view like this is probably the best thing how a good day can start 🙏🏽 #everydayisanadventure in the mountains 🤙🏽

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Ahhh... the great wide and the endless tapestry of its wild extravagance.

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Dubrovnik was one of the most beautiful spots we visited in croatia. the old town was finished in the 13th century and feels relatively untouched. the turquoise water next to the castle reminds me of the forts in oman- there’s something really magical about it.

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İzlanda'nın en ünlü şelalesi skogafoss. doğrudan iki büyük buzuldan gelir. efsaneye göre, thrasi adlı bir viking, biriktirdiği hazineyi şelalenin altındaki mağaraya saklamış. efsane'nin aksine skafoss şelalesinin arkasında hiç mağara yoktur.
hemen yakınındaki seljalandsfoss şelalesinden daha güzel ve daha çarpıcı olmasının yanı sıra ünlü vikings dizisinde floki karakterinin su tanrılarını gördüğü sahnenin çekildiği yerdir. her iki şelale de aynı yükseklikte olmasına rağmen, skogafoss’un debisi daha güçlü ve daha geniştir. güneş parlıyorsa, gökkuşağı sis boyunca yayılır ve sıra dışı ışık olayları görmenize de izin verir.

haziran ve temmuz 2020'deki İzlanda fotoğraf gezilerimize katılmak için bana mesaj atabilirsiniz.
detaylı bilgi: cumacevik.com
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Hi guys, @fabiooliveira here. this is a lovely memory from my last trip to indonesia 🇮🇩 an amazing hidden gem that you can enjoy after 8 hours of hiking through rain forest and beautiful rivers... 💚 i love everything about this place! thanks to my brothers from @exploreindonesia next year i’ll be there with all my family! #lifeofadventure

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