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🤸🏽‍♂️exercise & skincare🤸🏽‍♂️ i've been trying to get back into exercising at least a couple times a week, but it's hard!! i lack motivation.

i don't exercise to lose weight but i do like the benefits of having some muscles 😏i also notice a difference in my mood though when i'm more active, i am more confident & enthusiastic, i sleep better, & i actually notice my skin brighten up. i think exercising is good for your skin because when you sweat you sweat out toxins & get your blood pumping, giving you that fresh face & glowy skin.

right now i run 1-2 miles & do a combination of exercises (squats, lunges, push ups, & planks) about 3 times a week. i used to do yoga or dance classes on a weekly basis. i go through phases with exercising & try to just listen to my body & what i want to do. if i hate a workout, i don't force myself to do it, as long as i am being active throughout my week. even if that just means hiking, taking the stairs to my floor 9 apartment, or walking the 2 miles to get ice cream instead of taking the metro.
do you guys find it important to be active? do you think it helps with your skin?
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Aż chce się żyć, tak tu pięknie.. ☀️ #pięknagrecjadoktórejkochamwracać

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17 again is my favvv😍😍🤩🤩‼️‼️ #zacattack #naturalbeauty #hottie🔥 #zacefron @zacefron

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@sundayriley—#sundayrileyufo moving back to indonesia has made my skin quite volatile. it's nice and dewy one day then dry and spotty the next. i tried this oil from the recommendation of my girl @aratnasarira_ who said it kept her skin at bay even during her period (tmi but important!).
after using it for about 3 months here are my thoughts:
👽it visibly improved my skin texture and cleared up my skin
👽it didn't overly dry my skin (only used it at night)
👽i stayed blemish-free during my period
👽super pricey but worth every single drop
only using this at night has worked wonders for me and my skin. never thought i'd say this about sunday riley (i was a skeptic) but 5/5.

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Love the natural beauty and color! #naturalbeauty #colorlove #coleus

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